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Certainly a treat: Chestnut Ice-cream

Taking advantage of our chestnuts, with some delicious homemade chestnut ice-cream ! You’ll see, it’s quite simple to whip up.

– 150g precooked chestnuts
– 500ml milk
– 3 egg yokes
– 50g sugar
– 1 vanilla bean 
First of all, you’ll have to prepare a chestnut purée, mixing the chestnuts coarsely. 
Boil milk and split vanilla bean (in order to release the aroma).
Beat egg yokes with sugar, and mix with boiled milk. Put the preparation back on to the heat, and allow to thicken (like a custard), but it must however remain liquid. Remove from heat, and take out the vanilla bean, add the chestnut purée and allow to cool.
Pour into an ice-cream maker, and freeze for at least 30mi...
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Archeology/History : evidence of presence

bastia-cusi-archeology-1It goes without saying, that from the beginning of the island’s population, men travelled the territories that surrounded them – hunting, fishing, collecting shells along the shores, raising cattle and soon cultivated the slopes of Pigno. But, what evidence of their presence did they leave ? In truth, little – and only a trained eye and patient research, or sometimes luck, can reveal tiny signs of their passage – arrowheads found at Arinella, slivers of obsidian and rare shards collected on the hills overlooking Cardo and PaeseNovu, and a dug up cupule in a rock above Suerta
Source: Bastia cusi 
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