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The Saint François Convent of Orezza

One of our historical sites, built in 1492 by miners, before being passed on to the Franciscans, who then built a church with six chapels.
In 1832, it all fell into ruins – date on which the state engaged a disastrous process for selling it to private individuals.
During WW2, the convent and its buildings were occupied by Italian troops who had set up an ammunition depot, which they had blown up at the approach of the Germans – and this literally brought an end to the ruins.
Over the half of a century that has gone by since, many voices have risen to wish or claim its restoration – a demand made credible by the unquestionable historical interest of this place, and theatre of many ‘consulte’.
Source: Corse Matin (via Augustin Chiodetti)
Photo credit: Jacques Paoli Corse Mati...
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Ever thought of coming to Corsica in February ? If not, here’s an idea for you.

Maybe you’ve never thought of organising your out of season holidays or even Valentine’s Day in Corsica – and yet, away from the clichés of a candlelit dinner in an ultra-crowded restaurant of the European capitals, Corsica would be a very inviting suggestion just to ‘let yourselves go’.
The celebration for lovers on the Island of Beauty is not such a far-fetched idea after all !
Corsica is really very romantic in February, under the snowflakes .. where you can find a cosy little nest, and enjoy the island’s winter with clean, fresh air, a natural protected environment and a slow pace. Forget the classic city breaks in some of the main European capitals, and plan for an authentic, sensual journey in the heart of the island – at a time, when everything is just charm and tranquillity.
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Charles Joseph Bonaparte, and the FBI

augustin-chiodetti-fbiCharles Joseph Bonaparte was born on June 9th 1851 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was an American politician and grandnephew of Napoleon I, and he died on June 28th, 1921 in the county of Baltimore. 

Son of Susan May Williams (1812-1881), daughter of a wealthy businessman from Baltimore, and Jérôme Napoleon Bonaparte (1805-1870). The latter being the son of Jérôme Bonaparte (the youngest brother of Emperor Napoleon I), and his first wife Elizabeth Patterson, whom he had married during a visit to New York in 1803.
After graduating from Harvard where he studied law, he worked as a lawyer in Baltimore and became a politician, reputed both locally and nationally.
Member of the Board of Indian Commissioners from 1902-1904, and President of the National Civil Service Reform League. 
In 1905, he ...
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