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‘U Cardu’ Milk Thistle as a medicinal plant

‘Silybum Marianum’, otherwise known as ‘Milk Thistle’ belongs to the Asteraceae (or Compositae) family. Easily recognisable by the bright marbled pale green and prickly leaves. This plant particularly likes dry and sunny places, often with an acid soil – very common in the Mediterranean area. The whole plant can be used. It protects the liver, and stimulates bile secretion. Hepatitis and jaundice can also be treated by the milk thistle, and it is often prescribed as a tonic.
Very effective in the following cases:
– internal and external haemorrhages, hypotension, hepatic insufficiency, asthma, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and hay fever.
As an infusion:
– 1 tablespoon for 1/4L boiling water – 1 cup before each meal, for 15 days in order to help the liver
Milk thistle wine:
– 30g root an...
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Michel Solinas: Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Listening to Michel Solinas, otherwise known as ‘Ziu Micheli’ (a nickname that was given to him during his student days), would yet again plunge me into this musical world that surrounds us daily, and longs to reveal the personal and experienced sentiments which remain and still matter.
Native of the Taravu region, it was with a guitar, Natale Luciani and a group of friends, that Michel Solinas started playing music at the age of seventeen – this would entail polyphony and music from the seventies, which would slowly build and mould his musical world.
Following this, there would be many years of ‘silence’, within which he would give free flight to his thoughts on the essence of music itself – a personal compulsion and necessity.
He discovered his attraction to the violin, which was becom...
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