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What’s the particularity of —–> LOZZI, L’ACQUALE ?

Beautiful isn’t it, with the snow in the background.          
Lozzi and Acquale are next to each other, with cobblestone streets and high frontage houses, and this is why I am in fact, relating more about Lozzi itself.
First of all, Lozzi is the highest village in Corsica, and one of the five towns belonging to the Niolu micro-region – part of what is called ‘cristalline Corsica’ (being originally made from volcanic rocks). Perched at 1044m, and in glacial surroundings, it benefits from being dominated by the highest peak of the island too – naming, the Monte Cintu (reaching 2706m).
An interesting detail which holds its weight, Lozzi is also known for poetry and a poetry festival that has been held there, with poets: Prete Gentili, Marcellu Acquaviva, Pampasgiolu, Peppu Flori.
As y...
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‘Just how far is …’ maybe this little map will answer some of your questions !

An interesting little map for you, this time dealing with ‘time travel’ – quite often, many of you wonder how long it actually takes to get from one town to another, north to south and east to west. These are indications, taking into account that during the height of the season, you would more than likely need to add some extra time here and there, in order to manage a more accurate estimation. The island is small, but travel can take up more time than expected – keep it in mind.                                                                          

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Recipe: Stuffed Aubergines ‘à la Bonifacienne’

Just impossible to resist this delicious recipe ! so many ways to serve aubergines these days, but, have you tried ‘à la bonifacienne’ ?
– serves 4/5

Bon appetitu !                                                                                     


– 10 aubergines
– 200gr mixed cheese (tomme, parmesan, gruyère)
– 2 eggs
– 1/3 baguette bread
– 2 garlic cloves
– milk
– a few leaves of fresh basil
– salt, pepper,
– breadcrumbs
– a little olive oil (for frying)


Wash the aubergines (removing the stalks), cut in half (lengthwise).
Plunge into salted boiling water for 10mins. Drain, and place on a tea towel to cool. During this time, steep the (inside of the) bread in the milk and scoop out the aubergines – chop into small pieces; likewise for the bread.


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