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Types of bats that can be found in Corsica


Some twenty-two species live in Corsica, believe it or not. And, this island shelters a third of the national numbers, which is the most important within the Western Mediterranean basin with this particular characteristic.
Among the species present here, is the smallest in Europe: the Common Pipistrelle, but, also the largest and rarest: the Great Noctule !
Corsica is also the only region around France where one can meet the Maghreb Murin, a cave dwelling species.

To be noted: the reproduction rate is very low; with just one baby per year and per female. If you are interested in bats, here is a site that could very well interest you:


Patrimoniu di Corsica ©

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A moment in the life of Bastia’s society: Racecourse in Bastia towards 1900

Now, here we have an ‘unreleased’ cliché of the racecourse in Bastia (towards 1900).


The races took place on the way out of the town of Bastia, at the Campometta-Terra-Nova racecourse, and where the ladies of Bastia’s ‘high society’ could display their fashionable garments. Sumptuous outfits – including hats and boa umbrellas, would walk around with leisure. It was the Count of Béarn, (and husband of the daughter of Count Valery, friend of Tito de Caraffa), who founded the racing society in Bastia in 1900. A part from the obvious aesthetic qualities and natural composition, this image proposes a moment in the life of Bastia’s society...

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For a change: A Choice of Corsican Proverbs



A strada bedda un hè mai longa
– A clear path never seems long

A capù in ghio falanù ancù i botti
– Downhill, even the barrels roll

A donà sa duvè u diavolù mette a coda
– A woman knows the tricks of the devil

A barca di centu padroni piglia fondu
– The boat of a hundred captains, sinks

A chi combatte cu i zoppi diventa zoppu è rangu
– Who associates with the shaky – become so
A chi stanta, a chi ruzziga
– Some hoard, others waste


Photo: Let’s talk about Corsica Girolata ©

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Let’s try: Brocciu and Potato Galettes

Brocciu and Potato Galettes
serves 4



– 6 cooked potatoes (500g)
– 6 eggs (3 for stuffing, 3 for breadcrumbs)
– 3 crushed garlic cloves
– mint
– 250g brocciu
– pinch of nutmeg
– salt, pepper and butter



Mash the potatoes with the brocciu, chopped mint, crushed garlic, salt + pepper in the potato masher.
Add butter and 3 egg yokes. Beat the egg whites, and stir into mashed potatoes.
Shape the potato galettes (after having dipped in the beaten eggs and breadcrumbs).
Cook (in hot oil) in the frying pan.
Serve with a tomato sauce, and lettuce.


Bon appetitu !


Source: Fromagerie Baldovini Xavier

image: Location Corse 

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A few words on: The Tower House of the Durazzo Family

A family of Corsican nobility, linked to the Saint George Institution 
– the Durazzo di Fozzano or Fozzani Durazzo, within which Michelangelo Durazzo di Fozzano was Count Della Rocca (1698-1773).
Often known as General Michel Durazzo, who was one of the most ardent supporters of the ephemeral King of Corsica: Théodore de Neuhof.
Son of Durazzo di Fozzano (1673-1751), born in Fozzano, south Corsica.
The latter received the first name Durazzo in tribute to the Governor of Corsica.
His two sons Michelangelo and Gianpaolo received their father’s name as their surname, as did all of their descendants, who abandoned Fozzano.
This family was listed in two internal wars that marked the 1830’s in the region:
– that of Fozzano, who opposed them to Colomba Carabelli, from which Mérimée drew forth Co...

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