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Spotlight on: Jean-Philippe Ricci – International Actor

The cinema is an unquestionable passion we thrive upon, nourishing our sensitivity, quenching our longing to be transported to existing or hypothetical surroundings, and our desire to comprehend the inconceivable and mysterious – pieces of a puzzle we do our best to struggle with at times, in order to fully extract the intended implications. Emotions take us by the hand, and also lead us astray. Without fail, my mind automatically drifts to Fellini’s words when I reflect on the cinema in general – ‘There is no end, there is no beginning, there is only the infinite passion of life‘ – and life as we know, can be so overwhelming; overpowering and generous with surprises, developments, and the unexpected.

Meeting Jean-Philippe Ricci offered an opportunity to share and exchange some of these im...

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Suggestion: Tangerine and sweetened chestnut purée verrines

Remaining seasonal and accessible, this tempting, tasteful and original Corsican recipe should find its way to your tables !
Tangerine and sweetened chestnut purée verrines:

Serves 6                                                                                                                


– 6 petit suisse
– 100g vanilla chestnut purée
– 8 tangerines
– 35g butter
– 35g sugar
– 1 soupspoon tangerine liqueur


Peel the tangerines, and separate into segments – remove any white skin. In a large frying pan, melt the butter and add the tangerine segments and sugar. Allow to caramelise, and add the tangerine liqueur. Mix, remove from heat and allow to cool...

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The Imperial Gendarmerie of Vescovato

Situated at the entrance of the village, it’s the high tower that can immediately be spotted. Offering a fine and yet distant point of view from this location and its surroundings: houses, convent, main road of access below and roads/lanes leading to nearby villages, forests and rivers.
Nothing escapes its surveillance.
Since July 31st, 1801, this Gendarmerie has been composed of 26 legions – within which one can count 1750 brigades and 750 on foot. It holds a certain importance in this region. And, on November 17th, 1804, this Gendarmerie became ‘Imperial’, by decision of his majesty the Emperor Napoleon 1st. 
When you arrive at the town hall, you can’t miss seeing it and feeling impressed by the height of its summit, that keeps an eye on the plains. 
It’s a strategic site.
It remains ...

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