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Let’s see what’s brewing at the ‘Microbrasserie Impériale’ in the heart of Ajaccio

This is the story of four friends from the same village in Corsica, who decided one day to create and produce their own beer.
Laurent Pietri, Jean-Pierre Giodani, Jean-Luc Pietri and Jean-Luc Bennetti are natives of Salice, which is a pretty little village around 25km from Ajaccio.
They prefer to be called ‘artisan brewers’, which is exactly what they are.

The idea took form from discussions they had together, which led to experimenting in a garage and testing at the annual Christmas market in Ajaccio in 2015. Successful and encouraged, they finally opened in Ajaccio in 2016, in the centre of town – one of those quaint narrow streets where you can find yourself strolling around admiring the architecture and surroundings, also close to where Napoleon was born. 
I couldn’t help but wonder wh...

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Choice of recipe: Corsican Lemon ‘Fiadone’

This is a typical Corsican dessert that everybody loves. It’s not complicated to whip up, and if you are unable to find our brocciu, you can always replace it with ricotta. Ideal for every occasion, it’s popular and delicious.
Serves 6


– 500g brocciu
– 100g sugar
– 5 eggs
– 1 half lemon (preferably untreated)
– 2 tablespoons myrtle liqueur (or eau de vie)


Preheat oven at 180° so it’ll be nice and warm for your preparation when it’s ready. The brocciu has to be prepared by putting it into a salad bowl and crushing it with a fork, in order to make sure there are no lumps whatsoever – if you have a problem with this, you can always use a mixer.
Prepare the lemon, removing a few zests which will be finely chopped, and mix with the brocciu...

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