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Napoléon dies in Saint-Hélène

In 1807 at Iéna, Hegel catches sight of Napoléon from afar – overwhelmed, he then writes: ‘I saw the world’s soul on horseback’.
On Saturday May 5th 1821, at 17h49, the Emperor of the French delivers his last breath, on the heavily guarded small island of Sainte-Hélène. ‘Born on an island, to go and die on an island, on the borders of three continents’ – according to Chateaubriand’s words, who admired him as much as he fought him. Napoléon I probably succumbed to stomach cancer, after six years away from the world.

A few resolute people accompanied him in his exile – including two generals, Montholon and Gourgaud, the Count of Las Cases, to whom he dictated his memoirs, the grand marshal of the palace Henri Gatien Bertrand and Louis-Etienne Saint-Denis...

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