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Railways in Corsica – useful information

Useful information this time for those of you who would like to use our railways
(also remembering that it’s a wonderful way to sightsee).

The Y-shaped railway network in Corsica measures 232km and links the port cities of Bastia and Ajaccio – 158km. From Ponte-Leccia, a road leads to Calvi – 74km. Now, the most adventurous stretch would be between Corte and Bocognano !

longest tunnel : Vizzavona – measuring 3.916km and is straight
longest viaduct : Vecchio – built by Gustave Eiffel and measuring 140m, with a height of 94m

Also to be noted :         
– 36 tunnels
– 14 galleries
– 38 bridges and viaducts

Length of travel in time (approximatively) :

– Bastia – Corte-Ajaccio  =  3 1/2h
– Bastia – Calvi                =  3h
– Ajaccio – Calvi              =  4-5h
– Bastia – Casamozza    ...

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