I realised, when you are truly convinced of something, it appears automatic and almost instinctive to relate, not only to those who could be interested in what you have to say, but, also to the curious and the inquisitive – and aren’t we all slightly or frankly drawn towards new horizons, visions, concepts and observations? Having lived on this island for many years, one could say I swayed from one island to another – originating from Ireland, the ‘Emerald Isle’, and landing in Corsica !  I hope to contribute to the taking flight of your imagination and dreams here, unfolding and revealing sensations, desires and reveries, harmonizing naturally within these lines you may choose to follow – when the compulsion is felt and the time permits. At times, touching on events/facts, I will continue to elaborate through intermittence, and indeed follow, with interest, whatever comments, remarks, questions or other you may wish to transmit. There may be at some point, a subject or idea you would care to learn more about or discussed – you are indeed most welcome to share your thoughts here. My intention is to inform with chosen details I have found at times, unusual, appealing and instructive nevertheless, where the choice is left to the reader, in the end – as to whether one should feel compelled to visit – if not only to find out for oneself. Let’s go on our voyage then …PWeb-001