A bright idea: the opening of the first Yayourt – Patrice and Sandra relate

Y3A welcomed surprise in discovering an innovative idea this summer in Ajaccio – Patrice and Sandra opened their first ‘Yayourt’. Frozen yogurt, with organic (semi-skimmed) milk and no sugar – it’s simply delicious.

Having opened mid-July, and just in time for the height of the tourist season, their range of choice has grown and varied constantly over the months. This idea had been trotting in Patrice’s head for a while, possessing a management diploma and plenty of ideas ready for application.

So, where did this idea stem from ?
– from major European cities and the US.
Apart from exotic fruit, all products are mainly from the island itself.
They started off proposing sweet tasting, but since have widened out with both sweet and savoury; introducing tarts and a courgette-curry-coco soup.

I tasted their summer choices, which I personally found delicious, with generous servings – sizes are also at choice, going from small, medium to large.

To be noted : a wide variety of organic fruit and nuts for toppings, offering several choices for customers – on the savoury side, a wide selection of raw vegetables to suit every wish (and craving). Interesting to learn, their hazelnuts come from the village of Cervione. Sugar has also been replaced by ‘stevia’, which should interest a large public who may worry about the ‘sugary’ side of choices. Y4

An original choice ?

– yes, their Virgin Mojito – which includes everything except alcohol, and is very refreshing indeed.

I was wondering what the most popular choice had been over the months, and Patrice informed me it usually included strawberries, hazelnuts, speculos (biscuits) and ‘nucciola’ – which is a nut paste (from the island), without palm oil.

Cakes, smoothies, fruit juices, pancakes, tarts, soups … in fact, it’s quite a daily preparation too ! which doesn’t bother either of them, as they are very motivated and enjoying thoroughly what they are capable of producing.

ACE : their natural vitamin fruit drinks, which vary daily – and these are produced by extraction, in other words the fibres are extracted, thus allowing those who may have a certain intolerance to drink them without having to worry. I learnt that without extraction one can keep a liquid for twenty-four hours, whereas when the fibres are conserved, it can only be conserved for fifteen minutes.

nucciola YWhat can we expect to taste in the near future, new ideas on their way ?
– absolutely ! many more homemade soups (which is wonderful for the winter months, when you’re wondering what to eat on a short lunch break)
– waffles will be lined up too, another inviting choice for winter and evenings

– opening up elsewhere on the island is also in view, and a bright idea

Price range ?
– very reasonable I found, when you consider a choice of four toppings:
3.50e – 7.50e
250g = small
270g = medium

350g = large

For the finer months, a pleasant terrace welcomes you outside – and for the winter, cooler months there is also a cosy inside room available, with wifi, holding a ‘retro’ spirit of the 70’s, which is also attractive.
Yayourt is situated in the centre of town, so very easy to find and in the shopping area, which allows one to take the time to eat healthy, without rushing and still remain in town. Y5
Summer hours : 11am – 10.30pm
Winter hours : 10am – 8pm

– open on Saturday.

I remain convinced, and recommend this concept to all of those who already enjoy organic food, and where choice and quality can be found.
You can also find Yayourt on Facebook, TripAdvisor and Instagram
address : 6, rue de l’Assomption Ajaccio

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