A few words on: Maria De Peretti Della Rocca

Born in Conca, near Porto-Vecchio, on December 30th, 1902 – Maria de Peretti Della Rocca died in Ravensbrück on March 15th, 1945. Both of her parents were teachers of the Third Republic. After her primary schooling in Conca, she went to Ajaccio for her secondary studies and then on to Paris to study medicine. And it is in Paris she will practice her vocation with the poor, who do not have the necessary resources to be taken care of. As soon as France became occupied, Maria de Peretti enters into resistance. She is recruited by the Marco Polo network, created under orders from London (BCRA = Secret Services of Free France). Victim of a denunciation, she is arrested and interrogated by the Milice and the Gestapo. She does not speak, and is released six months later, due to lack of evidence. She is free, but kept under surveillance by the French and German police, and, as she resumed service with the Resistance, she is again arrested in possession of coded messages. She is tortured and intimidated, but she never speaks. She is part of a convoy that left Pantin Station, on August 15th, 1944 – destination Ravensbrück, a death camp. In spite of the sufferings they endure, both Doctor Maria de Peretti and Sister Mother Marie-Thérèse try to ease the pain of their companions in misfortune. But, death rodes and on March 15th, 1944, Maria de Peretti is brought to the gas chamber. 

Citation: It is on May 24th, 1945 that General de Gaulle will name Maria de Peretti at the command of the army corps: ‘De Peretti Maria FFC, intelligence agent in occupied territory by the enemy, with rock solid courage and dedication, regardless of danger, succeeded in giving the signal of alarm during her arrest, thus avoiding greater dangers to her companions, never giving any indication after her arrest despite the mistreatment she suffered from the Gestapo. This citation includes the awarding of the Croix de Guerre, with silver-guilted star.’ 

Source : resistance-corse.asso.fr

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