A few words on: The death of King Nugolone and the flight of the Moors

At the time of Pope Gregory IV, the Emir Ziadet Allah Ibn al Aghlab seeing the decadence of the princes of the east and west and that the King of Tunis had seized Sicily – thought this was an opportunity not to be missed. King Nugolone accompanied him. While a camp was established in the region of Rome, he managed to obtain a fleet and troops to reconquer Corsica. He left with seventeen boats and a troop of about 6000 Moors and a commander. They arrived with this army in front of Aleria. After conquering the main cities of the Nebbio, Mariana and Aleria, he decided to besiege Poggio and Venaco Castle, where Count Bonifacio and Count Cinarca had retired with their men. 

On the morning of the assault, and while the entire camp remained armed and equipped, King Nugolone went out disarmed with his commander, and some other notables in order to identify and locate the appropriate place of attack. The Counts of Bonifacio and Cinarca who were waiting vigilantly for a favourable moment, went out with twenty-five infantrymen and seven horsemen. They unexpectedly attacked the king and his escort who were not on their guard. King Nugolone fled, but was joined by Count Bonifacio who pierced him right through with his lance. Suddenly, he fell to the ground and died immediately. His commander, seeing that he could not escape Count Cinarca, turned and wounded his horse with his sword – so that the count fell to the ground, but as he was doing this, Cinarca wounded him mortally with his spear. Now, although the Moors were ready for battle and came running, they were not quick enough to rescue their king and captain. 

The counts of Bonifacio and Cinarca withdrew into Poggio, not without difficulties – because Cinarca had remained on foot, and the gates of the fortress were closing. When the Moors saw that they were dead, they rallied and without launching an attack, decided to return to the Nebbio. Dumar, who had remained at Aleria, set the whole city on fire when he heard about the their deaths, taking to the road to the Nebbio to embark with his army. Noffy, at Mariana, did the same – he set the town on fire and left with his troops to embark at the Nebbio with the others. 

Source: Augustin Chiodetti/Giovanni Della Grossa

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