A few words on: The Genoese Tower of Albo, in Ogliastru

tour-genoise-albo-ogliastroThe Genoese tower of Albo in Ogliastru is steeped in history.

Located on the eastern side of Cape Corsica, the tower of Albo (also known as the ‘Torra del Greco’, was built in 1562 in order to serve the protection of the Albo marina – with easy access, it allowed a privileged stopover.

It was built and rebuilt by villagers following barbarous attacks, which had ruined the village of Ogliastru several times: in 1559, 1563, 1588, 1613 and 1624.

The 1588 raid: In June 1588, the tower of Albo was once again the scene of bloody battles, after another attack by barbarous pirates, with a fleet of eleven galleys and under the command of Bey (Turkish title) of Algiers, Hassan Pasha.

The hamlet of Cugulu was destroyed, and almost 150 people were abducted and reduced to slavery. The tower was also destroyed, and would be rebuilt by the villagers between 1588 and 1589, thereupon being watched over by three Torregiani, taking turns day and night.

Centuries later, the tower was occupied by French troops in 1768, confronting the Corsican troops who had evacuated Nonza Castle.

Features of the Tower of Albo :

Built in sedimentary shale, the tower is almost ten metres high, and based on two levels, with an external staircase. It has a fireplace, and machicolations. The tower is located at the far end of the Albo Marina, on rocks, about ten metres above sea level.

It is a classified ‘historical monument’ since 1992.

Source: Villages de Corse Copyright ©

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