A few words on: The role of wells through time

Water is life’s mater and matrix, mother and medium.
There is no life without water
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

On my travels over the summer break I came across this stunning well, situated up north of the island in the very quaint village of Patrimonio, which triggered off a multitude of thoughts relating to the importance of water and wells throughout time.
More than likely you’ll agree if I say water is a natural element we take for granted most of the time, although recent (and less recent) observations and information from all over the world are altering our thoughts indefinitely in an ongoing and regular way, urging us to reflect and take action when necessary.
Let’s take the example where surface water is insufficient, wells in this case can supply a correct source of water for various uses; industrial, personal and irrigation, on a small or larger scale. We can also return in time and remember that the beginning of urbanisation in Europe took place during antiquity, as regards to the Mediterranean region. If you give a thought to the desert, and the scarceness of water, people just couldn’t survive without groundwater, and that’s a fact. No matter how you view this subject, one realises that it was the domestication of water that also allowed civilisation to advance and proceed.

Floods of humanity, lakes of peace, rivers of gold, the tides of war; all we are and do is linked to the water of life

Moreover, there are various types of wells: dug, driven and drilled.
It may not be a subject we often turn our minds to, but the importance they have held, and remain to hold, goes without saying.
Archeology is also used for handling water, and without any type of handling, some ancient cities would never have originated – neither would the urban communities and the towns from which they developed.
On the other hand, any excessive extractions of groundwater has caused some rivers to run dry, which is undoubtedly the result expected where excess can be experienced.

I believe it’s interesting to relate to the connections established in communities, whatever the process used – allowing future encounters, and thus providing intercommunal relations, so necessary indeed. We realise without difficulty, that man very often needs the presence, competence, and cooperation of his neighbours, in order to survive and advance together in an uncertain and ever-changing world.

Marvelling at the choice of composition and the actual conception, certain wells will undoubtedly hold your attention for quite some time .. as did this particular one in Patrimonio, so exquisitely positioned in its natural, flourishing environment, an authentic work of art.

Image: Let’s Talk About Corsica

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