A few words on the wonders of our Myrtle

Myrthe(1)A flowering plant symbolising ‘abundance’, and which can be found on the island and along the Mediterranean. It used to be exported in large quantities when Corsica was under Genoese domination. Attractive and blending into the natural landscape, this small tree grows up to 5m (which is quite high, all the same). With white perfumed flowers, the fruit remains small and dark blue – having been used in antiquity as pepper, because of its’ spiciness. In fact, the leaves can be used to replace laurel, for flavouring and recipes exist using the berries (i.e. flavouring meat).

All over the island liqueur is produced, which is absolutely delicious and worth trying out (even bringing some home) – best to be advised where to purchase it, as there are less interesting products, which can be misleading.
It was also a symbol of love and immortality, in the Mediterranean – the essential oil is used as an decongestant and expectorant, along with many other uses, it’s quite amazing the benefits this plant provides !
No matter where you may find yourself on the island, you’re bound to find some, worth keeping in mind once again.

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