A new proposal of Tiramisu – try it out !

There are many choices with tiramisu, here’s a proposal as a welcoming summer dessert – with chestnuts, muscat and canistrelli

Bon appetitu !      Corsica Guide Tiramisu

Serves 8

Ingredients :

Canistrelli :

– 250g flour
– 70g sugar
– 100g almond powder
– 150g whole almonds
– 60g salted butter
– 1/2 packet baking powder

– 2 eggs


– Muscat (Rivesaltes)
– chestnut jam
– 2 eggs
– 30g sugar
– cocoa powder

– 100g mascarpone

Method Canistrelli :

Grill almonds in oven for 5mins at 190°
In a salad bowl, blend butter and sugar
Incorporate flour, baking powder, almond powder and eggs
Grind the grilled almonds and mix in order to obtain a compact pastry
Put 1h in fridge
Preheat oven at 180°
Form a long, oval piece with the pastry
Place in oven for 10min – the crust will be brown, but the interior will remain soft
Cut slices
Place flat on an oven dish and put back into oven for another 10min

Allow to cool

Method Tiramisu :

Pour a little muscat into a bowl
Dip the canistrelli 30s then crush for adding to verrines
Spread a large spoonful of chestnut jam over the canistrelli
Separate the egg whites + yolks in separate salad bowls
Add sugar to egg yolks, mix and add mascarpone
Beat egg whites until creamy and gently add to mix
Pour into verrines and place 24h in fridge
Just before serving, sprinkle with cocoa powder

Source: Patrick Tozzi
Corsica Guide Copyright ©

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