A Pampana Lumaca or Corsican Hopscotch !

Guide Corse marelleThis is one of the oldest games of hopscotch – Lumaca or Catalorzu.
The player who manages to push the disc from compartment to compartment whilst jumping without any errors, until he arrives in ‘paradise’ – wins the game.
So, how is this played ?
Sequence :
The player jumps and throws the disc from compartment to compartment, until he arrives in paradise – thereupon, he must return taking the same way back through all the compartments, and repeat a second relay. For the following turns, the player jumps on one out of two compartments, followed by one out of three, etc,.
Variant :
The number of compartments can be increased, and ‘rest’ compartments can also be inserted – wherein, the player can stand on his two feet.
A Pampana di i ghorni :
The player who manages to go through all the compartments, whilst respecting the rules, wins.
The first player stands on the ‘earth’ compartment, with two feet on the ground. He throws his disc to the ‘Sunday’ compartment, and begins his round. Jumping on one foot on 1,2,3 and 4, he goes over ‘hell’ without putting down his foot, then puts his two feet on ‘Sunday’. He then jumps on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc., until he arrives at Saturday and ‘moon’, whereupon he may set his two feet.
After that, he sets off again for ‘Sunday’ and pushes the disc towards ‘earth’ with the foot he is standing on. Then the player throws the disc towards Monday, and continues up to Saturday. Within each round, the player can rest on Sunday.
To finish, the player throws the disc towards the ‘moon’, pushing it with his foot through Saturday to Monday, and in one stroke goes straight through the hopscotch, avoiding ‘hell’. The player can play as long as he makes no mistakes.
If he does make one, he must allow his turn to go by/miss a turn. If the disc is thrown on to the wrong compartment or out of the hopscotch, or if two feet are used, or if it arrives in ‘hell’ – all of this is considered an error.
On the other hand, if the disc does not find a feasible way to play, the player can carry out several manoeuvres, in order to release his disc out of the compartment (three max). Once his turn is over, the player starts the round within which he had made a mistake.
Source: Patrick Tozzi

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