A Strada Antica

This is a memory trail and millenary path, connecting the coastal plains of Purtichju to the Altu Taravu – handed down from prehistoric times. Beginning at Purtichju near the old medieval hamlet of Frassu, followed by the Col Saint Georges and Bocca di San Ghjorghju – it joins the old road from Ajaccio that used to connect the villages to the city and the lands of the plain. After crossing Bocca di Lera, significant crossroads, it then arrives near the Casteddu di Bozzi, an important feudal castle – situated precisely at a strategic point in order to control the territory, and the road network. It then continues to Tassu, near a Bronze Age castle and also a menhir – joining Bocca di Vizziluca, linking Bastelica and the Prunelli Valley. From Tassu, other paths allow us to discover Cuzza, Zicavo, Cimannacce and Palleca (Palneca) – or by taking the main transhumance path from the mouth of the Tàravu and Filitosa. 

The Strada Antica crosses over a territory that is rich in heritage. It reveals Corsica in all its aspects – prehistoric sites, medieval castles, Laricio pine forests, chestnut groves, maquis and mountain pastures. By crossing through the -à(Umanu and the Altru Tàravu, we can easily see how this permits us to discover the interior villages and their heritage, along with their savoir faire and their products. Vineyards, cattle, sheep and goat farms are also an evidence of a culture that remains alive and thriving. 

Source: www.rando-patrimoine.corsica 

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