A symbolic choice of flag




drapeaucorsePascal Paoli officialized the Corsican flag

Representing a black Moorish head on a white background, several hypotheses have been advanced as to the origin. Paoli would have stated: “The Corsicans want to see clear, freedom must walk the torch of philosophy, one might say that we fear the light”. It also appears that the Moor’s head was represented on the flag of Arrigo della Rocca, leader of Aragon in 14th century Corsica. To be noted also, during the Italian Renaissance, a Moor’s head was an emblem of Cagliari and Sardinia, and could have appeared on the emblem of the mercenaries, resulting in both Corsica and Sardinia possessing the same flag.

Appearing on maps and within documents throughout history, it could be confirmed that the beginning may well have gone as far back as the 13th century indeed, with the Kings of Aragon. If a symbol would be chosen, it would of course, be that of ‘resistance’. Nevertheless, it was not until 1736 that it became possible to see the connection between the ‘head of Moor’ and Corsica – at that time, Theodore was King of Corsica, although for a short period of time – the emblem was his choice, and the banded head to signify the liberation of the island. As I stated previously, Pascal Paoli officialized this act in designating the symbol towards the recognised flag.

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