A very pleasant and uplifting session with: Artist Fabrice Martinez

Refreshing and convivial moments spent with self-taught artist Fabrice Martinez recently, a quiet spoken person who does not search to be propelled into the limelight whatsoever, but radiates through his passion, displaying wellbeing and equilibrium. A family man, who paints at home and not at all in silence, life can continue around him without upsetting his artistic flow – he took the trouble to stress this fact with me with a broad smile, also mentioning he doesn’t have any particular choice of time of day or night to paint. From Ajaccio, he spent five years in Aix-en-Provence at the Faculté d’Arts Plastiques. Since he was eight years of age, Fabrice has been creating; this would be connected to the fact that he used to offer workshops for children in the past. Incidentally, several frescoes which he accomplished can be discovered for example at Baleone (outside of Ajaccio) and Santa-Maria-Siché. And, when you are wandering around Ajaccio, if you happen to go by the local train station and the London Café in the centre, you will also find his work. There’s even a laboratory where his works are permanently exposed for the public, right in town. Street art is a talent he exploits at times – however, he prefers to do full scale paintings at home, finding time for street art now and then. It can be once a month, then not again for months after that. As far as Corsica is concerned, he finds there is a sufficient amount, and if there was more it could lose the very sense of what it represents. Known through word of mouth, those interested order directly from him. Portraits of children and family portraits in general, are very popular and often ordered by families, and/or for special occasions. 
So, up to date how many paintings could be represented ? the answer here would be around two hundred. He adds that he started with landscapes, and then went on to surrealism and abstraction. However, if you check out his Instagram account you will discover an extraordinary variety of portraits, more real than real, that literally capture the attention with brio. As regards frescoes, around fifty to this day. 

Who does he admire ? Matisse, Dali, Toulouse-Lautrec, Faith47, Seth (with whom he had the chance to work with in the village of Balogna one year, for Boldness Island). Pierre Farel (whom I have written more than once about), an artist based in Ajaccio and with whom Fabrice has exposed, both here in Corsica and on the mainland. He holds estime and admiration for Pierre Farel, whose kindness and generosity never go unnoticed, nor overlooked. 

If he had to choose an all time favourite painting, what would be his choice ?’ The Persistence of Memory’ by Dali. Adding, that his brother also reproduced this painting, and it’s now at his parents house. Fabrice loves to be reminiscent, I realised this more than once during our conversation. In fact, he finds technology takes up too much room today, if it were possible he’d prefer to return to days when it was less present. There was another question for which I wished to learn the answer too – did he have a personal preference within his own compositions ? Yes, that of a Malian woman making tea, which he has kept at his own house and will never sell – it holds a sentimental value, more than anything else. 
This brings us to how he finds the younger generation today in Corsica, and the cultural landscape. Frequently and openly, they dare to show their work, which is a point he finds recent,  interesting and positive. Expositions and events take place on a more regular basis, with a wide variety of choices for all. However, he does find that criticism is too easily chosen at times, and reminds us that everyone has the right to do as he/she pleases – this is not always accepted. 

Participating in exhibitions has of course been part of what he has accomplished over the years, and there have been quite a few of them. Starting off with his first one, held in Ajaccio. Cannes, Monaco, St Paul de Vence, Paris (twice) Espace Cardin and Galerie No.1, Geneva, Bastia and Ajaccio for Corsica – there’s a conscious nostalgic,  vintage touch to his work. Most of the time he uses acrylic paint, and what most people ignore even today is the fact that he started by drawing, this was his foundation – and he continues to love to draw. 

Most recent news: To keep you up to date with his most recent work – this involved one of the local football clubs. ACA contacted him for a fresco at their stadium; this took three to four days to complete, and was inaugurated on April 29th, when the match ACA-Orleans took place. You can view it, along with the rest of his work on Instagram and Facebook, and I highly advise you to do so, for the diversity and choices are awe-inspiring. Fabrice has his own personal manner and technique – he sketches in pencil, uses compresses, colour transition and knife scratching – I can assure you the result is spectacular. 
Prices range from 300 – 3000euros.

Where to find Fabrice Martinez:

Facebook: Fabrice Martinez Artist

Instagram: fabricemartinez_art  

Contact: matou2a@hotmail.fr

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