Ajaccio sets the red carpet for the Imperial Regatta, an annual ballet – elegance and performance ..

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It was in 2003 that this elegant and performing event first honoured some of the very finest yachts existing. Challenge and tradition play their respective roles, within which the crowds visually board the waves over the five days of this prestigious race.

International participation from many countries accompany this event, notably from Germany, US, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Spain. The renowned ‘Firebird’ will be present, built in 1937 and renovated in Saint Malo from 1989-1992, also classified as a ‘historical monument’ and an example of art in craftsmanship. As will ‘Moonbeam IV’ (built by Fife & Son, Scotland in 1920 and completely restored in Burma), graceful and dignified, this is the yacht Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco spent their honeymoon on, after he had bought it in 1950, he also changed the name to ‘Deo Juvante’. Also present, will be Lulu, Mariska, Udine 1000, Vortex and many more – the names themselves tend to carry us away, riding the waves .

Again, the month of May is the ideal moment, for this island to sway with the waves and taking advantage of Spring’s pleasant temperatures, distinctive shades, and general enchantment. This Imperial Regatta is indeed an annual ballet, ending daily with festivities and musical performances for all to attend, and this year we can expect to applaud Paul Mancini with his wonderful saxo, and the group Granddukes.

There is also the election of Miss Imperial Races, and the sparkle of champagne persisting through the evenings – be prepared for a week of animation ahead!

Somewhere between 20-30 participants can be expected, with the starting point at the port of Tino Rossi, on Tuesday May 21st around 11am. Corsica, indeed a privileged destination with 1000k of preserved coast, its ideal climate and welcoming spirit, truly acclaiming these indomitable seafarers.

Fair wind to all !

Photo credit: regates-imperiales

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