All out for the 56th Annual Corsican Rally, May 16th – 18th !


A substantial event here – the 56th Corsican Rally! This annual feature gathers crowds since its beginning in 1956, also being part of the french championship and even the world rally championship at different moments, and this years rally will be counting for the European Championship. The affluent arrival of additional tourists and enthusiastic followers is seen and a strong sentiment of effervescence invades and takes over delightfully, all under the welcoming sun.

Often known as ‘the rally of 10 000 bends’, an authentic challenge is launched here every time, for we must remember although this island is small in size, the roads are amazingly windy, often narrow and possessing steep drops by the sheltering rocks. This too, was another point I noted upon arrival here – where you would normally take a certain amount of time to drive from a to b, here you can literally multiply your time considerably, but this also adds to the uniqueness, for your sense of observation and discovery, also develop.

Apparently, this years rally will be shorter, with eleven laps as compared to fourteen last year.  Leaving from Calvi on the 17th, and heading inland towards Corte, to finally arrive in Ajaccio on the 18th. For various reasons, the rally has been shortened by a day too this year, but the spirit and enthusiasm are very much present as the island is indeed extremely proud of being part of this exciting adventure.Loubet, Darniche, Auriol, Loeb, Bernardini, names that have illustrated this rally over time, along with Kopecky, Breen, Andreani, Delecour, Kubica, Bouffier, Andreucci and Sarrazin in recent times, here again, to name but a few.

I have attended the rally in the past, have witnessed the fascination and admiration, and a certain dose of adrenaline too before these imposing, distinguished and alluring machines –

‘you don’t add up the price of a rally car, you just drive it’

fire away and rally on, the island’s behind you all!

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2 comments to All out for the 56th Annual Corsican Rally, May 16th – 18th !

  • Ger  says:

    Moments of the corsican rally were extraordinary, with Jean Ragnotti also a French pilot who was able to shine some steps…..
    Beautiful text of this sporting moment.

    • Pamela  says:

      Thank you Ger, and yes, Jean too did shine back in the 80’s

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