An appetising suggestion: Brocciu and Chard Bastelle

Bastelle‘ is a typical Corsican delicacy, and highly appreciated on the island. They can be easily found at the markets, fairs and bakeries. For this particular recipe, we will only be using the green (leaf) of the chard. Popular with children too, an extra idea for lunchtime in case of need.

There are variants of course: marrow and onion – most of the time you will see all choices for sale.



– 1 bunch chard
– 200g brocciu
– 1 or 2 puff pastry (or homemade dough)
– salt and pepper



Cook the chard beforehand. Cut out circles in the dough, the size will depend on how big/small you wish your bastelle to be. Cut up the chard greens and if you wish to add onions to the recipe, you can do so by first of all browning them in a frying pan. Mix the greens with pepper (quite a lot of pepper, as they are usually eaten quite peppery). Cut the brocciu into small cubes, and put aside.
The final process consists of spreading the chard mix on the circles (or half circles) of dough, scattering pieces of brocciu here and there. Close the circles and stick together with a little water or an egg yoke.
If you would like to make sure they come out golden brown, brush with an egg yoke and put into the oven for about 20m, at 200°.

They can be eaten either hot or cold, both are quite delicious – warm would be just ideal. Also used as starters, they can come in handy when you’re wondering what to serve before a light meal.

Bon appetitu ! 



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