‘Anareda’ – let’s explore a new organic grocery shop

We could elaborate on ‘first impressions’ however, I continue to believe they remain intuitive and sincere.
Entering ‘Anareda‘ one senses an overwhelming natural well-being, and the desire to discover more without losing any time. This is a family affair, run by Annie and her niece Audrey, witnessing the necessity to share essential natural and local products of various types. I stress various types, for the choice is widespread and interesting.
Just recently opened, mid-April 2017 to be exact, with no less than 75% of organic and red label goods.
Now, these include: wine, coffee/tea, spices, olive oil (a choice of four), rice, vinegar, syrups (including agave), pasta (with and without vegetables), flours, farina, soups, sweets and biscuits, dried fruit, cereals, sugar, cacao, salt and pepper, cooking aids, household and hygiene products (certified 100% organic), including soap, toothpaste and even shampoos.
A wide range of pasta for all attracts and impresses, and when you shift your gaze to the other side, an equally wide range of flours hold your attention.     
You’ll find at least fifteen types for preparations, without gluten – so this will certainly interest those who search gluten-free products.                                                              
Imagine around twenty seven choices of tea, and presently at least eight choices of herbal teas – sufficient to choose and change from time to time, adding to the initial pleasure. Coffee can be bought in grains, and can of course be ground on the spot, if preferred.
Anareda’s products are mainly from Corsica, with just a few coming from elsewhere. With such a variety of choice, and here I remind you of around 400 choices of pasta, and twenty  types of flour, one can spend quite some time discovering and appreciating – the urge to try just about everything intensifies as one wanders around.
You may be wondering if ‘Anareda’ signifies something in particular – it does indeed, it originates from Annie’s grandmother: Anna Maria.
It really holds a soft and musical charm I believe, that was a such a lovely idea.
Yes, there is a notable particularity when you shop at ‘Anareda’ – you serve yourself as you go, using your own packaging or that offered by the shop itself.
In other words, if  you arrive with no paper bags or glass containers, Annie and Audrey will supply you with what you need, free of charge. I wondered how they managed to accomplish this, and they explained how they recuperate empty bottles for example from restaurants, which are thereafter cleaned and disinfected, ready for use by their clients. In addition to this, there is a basket filled by the clients themselves, who have returned or simply supplied the shop with their own glass jars. A simple and generous idea that works out perfectly for everybody !
To be noted:
Concerning the price range. It is an important aspect when setting out to buy, and we are all aware of this. For those of you who have acquired the habit of purchasing organic products in supermarkets for example, you will find that the price range here is often less expensive – this may come as a surprise, but it is an evidence, and yet another aspect to take into consideration.
A ‘choice of the day’ of fresh vegetables, fruit and eggs are available (and directly from the family garden) – Isn’t that a lovely idea to surprise you ?                                                                      
We are also aware of the fact that the organic world operates in different ways everywhere, and standards of acceptance vary from one country to another, with France being one of the top countries holding organic markets. And, for some time now, a growing public realises how important it is to correctly eat, and although it was expensive in the beginning, it is now accessible to all.
Are there future projects for ‘Anareda’ ?
Absolutely yes. Some time in the not too far off future, they would like to add more references – 600 would be their goal, whereas presently they provide around 400. They also have an additional room, which they plan on preparing for workshops i.e: preparing garden compost and inviting organic producers from around the island to inform those interested in various activities and ideas based on the organic world today – all of this may very well see the light of day before the end of 2017.
Finally, this resourceful shop is open all year round, which should suit everybody from Ajaccio and the region, without forgetting visitors throughout the year and even those spending a day in Ajaccio and who would like to maintain their organic choices even when they are away from home or abroad.
Orders can be made by phone at any time, if you feel like calling beforehand – and, you can find ‘Anareda’ on Facebook, Instagram and by mail :
5, rue Bonaparte
20 000 Ajaccio
Opening hours:                                                                  
8h – 13.30 Mon-Sat
16h – 19.30
9h – 13.30 Sunday
Tested, appreciated and recommended !                          

2 comments to ‘Anareda’ – let’s explore a new organic grocery shop

  • André Torre  says:

    Bel article pour un commerce original !

    • Pamela  says:

      Thank you André! this is going ‘in the right direction’ for us all.

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