Anto Tomasini, abstract artist – suite ..

Anto T - Bocognano 011(1)To allow sentiments/experiences to extract themselves, little by little through time, is a very important factor where Anto Tomasini is concerned – his work in recent times evolves through this imperative.

I had the pleasure of attending a second exhibition recently, and was inquisitive as to how his work was advancing.

Three themes were to be found placed in evidence:

– within the light of time (currently events)

– landscapes and history

– to the source of an idea        Anto T - Bocognano 014

It’s vital to add, there is an ongoing common thread within his work, of which he is completely aware of – expanding and developing with each series. The past is omni-present, laying down the foundations of what will spring forth basically. Moments, situations, familiarity, concern, sensitiveness and consciousness, take form in various fashion, implementing reaction and reflection.

If I were to compare this series to past-present, laying down the foundations of what will spring forth basically. Moments, situations, familiarity, concern, sensitiveness and consequences, I would certainly add the obvious presence of curved lines; a sway of regard/perception. Shades and intensity suggest and perform.

Brault liked to say ‘abstract art is a fundamental distrust of the theory of reality concocted by the eyes ..’ one can/cannot agree with this, of course – but, again I stress the limitless possibilities individually possible, always unique and hailing our perceptive senses.

As regards public progression since last year, Anto now regularly shows his work at the Carré d’artistes in Aix-en-Provence (Contemporary art gallery – these premises can be found in some large towns on the mainland too). And, in September, there will be a vernissage held in Paris too; an interesting note here I would like to add, this vernissage will be taking place in the one-time flat belonging to Simone Signoret and Yves Montand (52, Quai des Orfèvres), on September 2nd – for those of you who may be around Paris during that period of time – a possible opportunity to attend ! Anto T - Bocognano 050

Accomplishing a natural balance within every day life, combining personal work and the need for artistic expression, has now become a way of life for Anto – within which he draws his creative instinct. His future desires manifest a change of direction too; drawing more so from the present – rather than the past. Anto T - Bocognano 055

Bringing to mind Kandinsky’s insight – which I personally find so clearly expresses the core: ‘of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colour, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential ..’


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