Is there anything quite like: Myrtle Liqueur


Not at all a complicated recipe, you just need the right ingredients and a little patience. A quick reminder: the myrtle berries come from a Mediterranean shrub called ‘Tarentum myrtle’, very persistent and resisting in particular to the heat.

If you’re wondering when would be the best time to pick the berries, the answer is from September – December. Usually appreciated as an after-dinner liqueur, and why not after a good Corsican meal ! The Corsicans just love their liqueur and love making it too. 



For 1 litre:
– 75cl eau de vie
– 40g myrtle berries
– 100g sugar
– 15cl water


Having washed and dried the myrtles, place them in a jar or a glass bottle (minimum 1L). Cover the fruit with the eau de vie and close hermetically. 
After two to three months of maceration, prepare a fruit syrup in a saucepan with sugar and water. Cook for a few minutes, then allow to cool. Pour the syrup into the liqueur bottle and mix well.
Filter and put it back into the bottle, the liqueur is now ready to taste. You can if you wish, add an ice cube to your glass when tasting, this will chill your drink if you prefer it this way. 
Remember, this is quite strong, so use small liqueur glasses when serving, drinking with moderation. 


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