APPeBIKE – A welcomed pollination of electric bicycles for Corsica

This is very good news for the island.
APPeBIKE recently launched their innovative solution in May/June of this year – I purposely stress ‘solution’, because this concept is what we really need in order to help reduce the ongoing headaches experienced with ‘far too much traffic’ these days, along with offering a natural, enjoyable and ‘accessible to all’ option for visiting the island, and/or simply cycling to a chosen destination. The functioning is quite simple. 

Introducing the first self-service of electric bicycles in Corsica, without effort and without noise – using their own telephone application, which is their attractive feature.
APPeBIKE offers over 200 bikes in more than 25 base stations – these base stations can be found at: tourist offices, hotels, campings, and certain holiday homes, open to all.
In other words, you wish to hire/reserve a bike quickly, all you have to do is to use your smartphone or simply give them a quick call if you prefer – ‘Call and Go’ functions well, because it works just about everywhere. 

‘A bicycle means simplicity, and simplicity means happiness’

Happy Tours: this is an interesting deal that works out well for groups.
Qualified guides will accompany you throughout the island, visiting regions and especially making efforts for the discovery of the inland, rather than remaining on the coastline, which can be rather saturated in many places – here, we can note that there are six guides for the island.        

Since May, APPeBIKE has satisfied around 1000 cyclists !
– foreigners representing around 50% over the summer, but since August more and more locals have decided to use this option, without running into any particular problems with car drivers.

Let’s learn a little more about these bikes :

– there are two sizes: ‘S’ (1.50-1.70m) and ‘M’ (over 1.70m)
– you can choose your effort as you go: pedal only, pedal assist or motor only
– work with a motor battery and controller
– 120kms of battery life
– 2h – 2 1/2h of recharging required
– battery 500w

– the make is Peugeot, using a Bosch battery

At every withdrawal point where you can recharge, there are usually around ten bikes at your disposition 

For now, there are six people involved with APPeBIKE, who is also associated with ESAT (an establishment providing services through work for those in difficulty and/or those with handicaps), for all repairs and assistance – this is also a point that should be underlined. 

I had a look around myself to see how popular they are in the world, and discovered they are very much in demand in Asia, US, India, Netherlands, China – also being used in Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and this is very encouraging of course for the environment – when you think about it, it’s simple, convenient, economical and very accessible. Some may point out the use of batteries, however, we are reminded that compared to cars, this is a far lesser form of pollution in transport, guiding us in the right direction.

Is APPeBIKE open all year round ?
For now, it is open until October being the first year of existence, and will be open all year round in the future.

Price range:
– 1h = 10e and the following hour will only cost 5e
– 8h – 20h = 38e 
I was wondering in general, for what length of time the public preferred to choose, preferences so to speak, and this seemingly appears to be between 3/5h – with the possibility of extending.

Does the end of the season represent a particular makeover or not ?
Absolutely ! 
At the end of each season, their stock is reconditioned and sold – then, they buy a whole new stock for the following year, which represents 3000e per bike all the same (for info, a second hand one that has not run so much can cost 2000e).

Future hopes for APPeBIKE ?                                             
– to be present in the marinas across the island, and this is already underway for next year.

An important point to take into consideration, observing the rising quantity of visitors who arrive with their boats, and not always having the appropriate means of transport upon arrival, nor the will to be obliged to hire cars – bikes are a convenient and natural solution to be kept in mind. And, need I add the ecological aspects this represents in a world who finds itself in dire need today of every effort and contribution possible towards the preservation and respect of ecology and the environment.  

Latest exciting news:
APPeBIKE has been selected to participate in the prestigious IFTM Top Resa exhibition for international tourism and travel, at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, which will award the best start-up of the year, and APPeBIKE is in the final list – votes from the public are possible and will certainly be welcomed and appreciated. The exhibition will be held from September 26 – 29th.

Also, and just beforehand on September 20th, they will be taking part in a event in Ajaccio – ‘Qualit’Air’, which will be an explanatory day specialising in the quality of the air on the island – this will be running from 10am – 17h, at the Place du Diamant in the centre of town. This event could enable you to meet those involved and eventually ask any further questions you may have, and even give you the chance to try out their electric bikes. 

Finally, can you guess the origin of the name ‘APPeBIKE’
In fact, I was told there are three possibilities for the choice of the name, all of which are quite convincing I might add. 
The notion of feeling ‘happy’, their application and ‘appe’, which resonates with ‘bee’ in Corsican – personally, I have a favourite, as I love the idea of bikes pollinating the island like little bees ! 

Here’s wishing for a long and prosperous life to the development and continuation of this eco-friendly contribution.  


2, Bld Charles Bonaparte
20000 Ajaccio

Where to find APPeBIKE :
Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor, Twitter 



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