‘Ariola’ by Pedru-Felice Cuneo-Orlanducci

ampargu-a-lingua-corsaEveryone sees the world his own way
I travel within the maquis, what was once a country and humanity. The wind awakens amid the remains. There was a meadow here once upon a time, and a little further, men beat the grain.
Today, only the memory of their songs remains .. resonating in the oaks just above, when the air has the leaves singing, and blends with the singing of the birds, screaming a symphony of despair.
Melancholic ruins of a past that has flown to the limbo of the inaccessible – the splendour of an era that we like to dream about, witnesses of efforts of the human genius. What have you become ?
I have breathed your air once more, and felt your call after ten thousand years of absence, abyss, cries and mysteries. I have smelt your bitter perfume, filled your heart and heard your hidden soul.
I have sensed your sadness accompanied by the spirits of those who once were, and the tears of those who still are. I knelt in front of what serves as your grave.
I have sung the colours of dawn, when the last glimmers of light disappeared. I have dreamt of tomorrows, in the shade of vanished hopes.
Now, the day has fallen asleep and the world lives in a profound silence. I stare at the mirror in order to find an ounce of love .. but I only see the effluvium of resignation.
Today, what remains of you ? beyond a few stones thrown here and there, precious jewels for who can see you ? How to believe once again when the lights on the paths of hope go out.
And my mind becomes impassioned, and my spirit is filled with wonder. I run, I walk, I fly beyond thought, and suddenly I fall. The earth gives away beneath my enraged feet.
Everything collapses. The world turns and blends in shapes and colours. I am loosing my reason. Ardour seizes this poor, disarticulated body, which remains of me.
And petrol drowns in a sea of happiness. For a moment, my mind escapes in search of harmony. I am naked. Naked and mute.
Opening the eyes, behold I am. They offered me a voyage beyond the narrow boundaries of my reality. During these times out of time, under the twilight.
The world is burning with zeal and true wealth springs. I see the Ancient City overflowing with life. I see the people standing upright, working and laughing. The light from the sun inflames my vision. In this way, could I be so abused by my own delusions ?
Before me, pass the ancient gods older than memory. Maclu, Erbu and Tarbu appear at the same time, reunited, they are beside men in order to spread forgotten welfare of origins, the keys of the sacred treasure of the Beginning.
I approach, as though to taste paradise and all disappears. I want to catch them, and go beyond abandonment. I simply want a memory, just a poor memory.
But my desires are futile, and my senses are dispersed. Once again. I see souls passing by that I cannot catch. I see unsatisfied centuries passing by that cannot speak.
Everything escapes me, never to return. Red, green, blue and then white. A white light shines from each past life, present and also to come, on a road of jade.
I am blind in the void before this wisdom that is beyond comprehension, whilst the dream dissipates sending me back to reality, to the fresh air of the forest.
Just a smile, a little smile as a farewell. To wipe the last tears.
I open my eyes once again.
There is nothing left.


Original text by Pedru-Felice Cuneo-Orlanducci
Source: Ampargu A Lingua Corsa

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