Art in Corsica


The influence of Baroque Art

It would appear in the middle of the 17th+18th centuries, and under the influence of Genoa, Baroque Art predominated Corsica. The artists possessed a specific style and have been known to influence other artists in fact. We could say, there were two predominating periods: the pre-Romanesque and the Pisan, and to this day certain monuments are still in existence, one of the finest examples would be the Baptistery of St John the Baptist, situated in Corte.

The islands principal art gallery would undoubtedly be the Fesch Museum, in Ajaccio, where an impressive and also permanent collection of Italian art can be viewed, dating from the 14th century. The national institution FRAC, has built a considerable collection since the late 1960’s, and proposes artists and shows regularly. It is interesting to note the discovery of the particular notion of light present by Matisse himself who lived in Ajaccio over a certain period of time –  in 1898 he declared ” “I was dazzled there. Everything sparkles, everything is color and light” – he would have painted about fifty paintings during his stay, including much of the Corsican landscape and sunsets.  Needless to say, Matisse astonished more than just a few with his canvases on Corsica. Another notable artist, Henry Bacon visited regularly (1889, ‘The Bandit’s Son, Corsica’).

In the 19th century, visitors to the island were literally astonished by the intensity of radiance and the large variety of shades, these are without question the dominating factors, and today, one can count between 100/150 Corsican artists. Opportunities will permit my posting of expos/events which will be taking place over the future months, and with a little luck, you may find unexpected information on happenings and dates that may just coincide with a not too far off planified stay.

Photo credit: WikiPaintings – Matisse

Landscape in Corsica

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