‘Festiventu’ – the 22nd Annual ‘Wind Festival’ in Calvi

Plage par Eric Gueret Fest du Vent Calvi

As many islands, Corsica too is often wind-blown and senses the force of enveloping strength. However, this island uses this natural power and honours the wind annually, with a special festival ‘Festiventu’ running through five days of festivities and excitement, held in Calvi (north of the island) – an event where creation and education mingle.

Visitors from all over the world attend, and where one sees children accompanied by their parents and school outings too, certainly a thrill for some fortunate classes. It’s taking ‘time out’ for natural appreciation, communication and exchange of ideas.

Nature surprises us, and our adaption to her movement, energy and personality provokes inspiration, loyalty, creativity and respect. When attending this festival, one cannot but refer to a certain ‘breathing space’, so necessary for our personal development, and so essential for our growth within community life through time.   Photo_Isabelle Szummy - artistes_AWITA et Eric Merlo Fest du Vent

Discussions,projections,visual arts,workshops, concerts, sports,creations and innovations, ecology and environment .. all of these themes and even more, can be explored during this atmospheric festival!

This year will be fostered by Isabelle Autissier and Yann Arthus-Bertrand – very well known in both the aquatic as well as the environmental world. There will also be students from the Corsican University urged by their very active foundation, to public demonstrating of what they have come up with, including scientific, artistic and creative aspects, which should certainly prove interesting to discover.

Remembering, all of this and even more, will be doted with festive concerts throughout the five days, adding attractions and surprises to those fortunate enough to attend. What you will discover during the day is free of charge, everywhere – it is only during the evenings when concerts take place that an entrance fee will be required. You will realise the environment here plays a major role again, where the island’s constant consideration and preoccupation is a daily concentration, always aiming for natural respect and loyalty.

Affiche 2013 sans logo2

As for the official poster, there’s an interesting story here too. When I viewed it, I wondered what this could be .. it so happens it was created by a group called The Collective Clean Art Planet, and their role consists in creating art from rubbish/thrash gathered from various places around the island, thus, urging all to reflect on exactly what this represents, the gravity of spoiling not only the sea, but also the land we occupy. The model itself represents a baboon and exists through plastic and other particles of roaming matter .. a reminder for all, of our declining awareness and neglect towards nature – and life for that matter. An authentic aim for a global, linked connection between man, nature and matter, and where blending secures a reachable comprehension for all. It’s worth your time and attention to attend, if you are around that area when this festival takes place, where the wind will guide and also show herself off with striking energy.

‘spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly! ..’

                                                                                   Photo credit: Festival du Vent

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