A B26 lies at the bottom of the sea, at Lavasina .. what happened ?

Corsica PhotosubIt was on July 12th, 1944 after a successful bombardment of a railway station in Italy, the twelve B26 Marauders head towards Sardinia, in order to rejoin their base. But, one of these aeroplanes, after the failure of the first engine, is obliged to land on the sea when the oil pressure of the second engine starts to lower, dangerously. Sailors from a British launch pick up the pilots, and the crew is safe and sound.
                                           Corsica Photosub 2

The wreck lies at 65m on the bottom. The story goes, that the pilot landed the bomber surfing on a wave, with both motors cut. The propellers are not twisted in any way, and the canopies and gun mounts of the machine guns are still intact, even after seventy years of sinking ! corsica photosub 3

Lavasina: belonging to the municipality of Brandu

Source: Corsica Photosub

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