Beignets: Courgettes Flowers

As we’re right in the season to indulge as much as possible in courgettes, here’s an easy and promising short recipe that I think will interest all the vegetable lovers, and hopefully the rest of you too
Bon appetitu !
                                                              Corsica Guide Beignets de courgettes-fleurs


Serves 6


– 12 small courgettes (with their flowers)
– 1 dl beer
– 1 dl water
– 2 pinches yeast
– 125g flour
– 2 pinches salt
– 1 egg yolk
– oil for frying
Very carefully take away the pistil from the flowers, without detaching them from the courgettes. Wipe the courgettes and cut the opposite end of the flower. Pour water and beer into a bowl and whisk – add egg yoke and whisk again. Pour the flour and yeast (sieve at the same time) and salt – whisk for a few seconds. Heat the oil in a pan/recipient, dip the courgettes (with their flower) in the dough, and fry immediately afterwards, for 2m.
Remove with the help of a skimmer. Display on paper towels and serve straight away.
Source: Corsica Guide Copyright ©

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