Belfiorito Castle, permitted the control of the flow of goods

Vescovato Bel Castle
Apparently, this castle permitted the control of the flow of goods, by the Lords – this was also an important source of income, and the surveillance of the mooring for the salt tax of Poraja, situated at the mouth of the Golo. In the 16th century, in a brief passage of the writings of a historian named Filippini, it was specified that the Lord of Belfiorito-Vescovato gave ‘the best land near the fortress’ to Sardinian exiles, so that they could set themselves up.

Under the church, and carved in the rock, a covered passage can be found ‘a loghja’. This passage led to the old stables, belonging to the monks at the western side of the village – which is today known as the ‘Piazza Paulaccia’. Under the vault ‘A Memoria’, a small museum within which all the antiques related to the story of the village can be found.


Source: Vescovato U Viscuvato-Casinca-Corse ©

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