Bocognano invites you to a legendary chestnut fair – total immersion with flavours/sensations and ambience

6106107-9116489When one realises the importance chestnuts hold on this island, it is certainly not surprising that the chestnut fair remains one of the highlights of the year, and is this year, celebrating the 31st representation in the very attractive village of Bocognano, which is on the way to Corte/Bastia.

Annually held in December, this popular fair attracts the crowds from all around, for the diversity of the stands, along with the festive atmosphere is not negligible and can be witnessed through the floating savours of chestnuts!

The village itself, is situated only 40km from Ajaccio, another lovely drive up there, gaining height all the time.

Demonstrations of various sorts will be taking place here again, where chestnuts, chestnut flour and the impressive choice of where this natural and flavourful nut can be used.

Presentations from the Corsican farm producers, crafts and artisans, representing over 150 exhibitors within a structure of 3000m2 awaits you – and this can generate over 20000 people every year .. for the choice and quality are there for the taking, and this fair remains a milestone before the festive season, once again. But it’s not just what you can purchase, it’s the whole atmosphere being there. Grilled chestnuts, wine bars, musical representations etc., fill the air with a definite jovial spirit, where you can lose yourself in very pleasant conditions. Thie Basque country will be entertaining yet again, this year !

Corsican chestnut flour is highly appreciated, but not only here on the island, this flour is exported abroad and has gained notoriety over the years, and being classified AOP from the beginning, thus also resulting in the acquisition of the AOC in 2006.

This fair has always tried to promote the island’s culture and agriculture, bearing in mind the strict quality always requested and present. A reminder too, Anne will be there with her quality saffron, a chance to make provisions for the upcoming months, along with Fanny and her delicious nougat, so, two more good reasons to attend.

I for one, am certainly looking forward to this !

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