Burdock ‘Erba Tignosa’ – as a medicinal plant

corsica-guide-la-bardane-erba-tignosaHighly appreciated for the many virtues it offers, and belonging to the Asteraceae family.

Purgative, sudorific, diuretic, choloretic, against diabetes, antibiotic and antivenin. But, it has also been used to treat boils, anthrax, throat and dental abscess, dermatosis, acne, eczema, ringworm, measles, gout, rheumatism and gallbladder stones – the list is impressive. 
For internal use
The root must be used fresh but not dried –  limiting the use to spring and autumn. 
Boil 60g of fresh root in 1L water for around 10min. 
For external use:
The leaves are freshly plucked, and can be applied as a poultice against chronic pulmonary disorders, colds and rheumatism – macerated in olive oil, they accelerate the healing of leg ulcers and sores in general. 
Source: Corsica Guide © 

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