Castellare-di-Casinca is located in Casinca – a micro-region of Castagniccia. It had the reputation of being ‘Rome’s granary’ in antiquity, and ‘Corsica’s orchard’.
Nowadays, Castellare has the advantage of being a village ‘between sea and mountain’, in the literal sense of the term.
The local beach L’Anghjone, is located below the municipality, whereas the Mounts San Anghjulu and San Petrone surround the village and watch over the bell tower, which collapsed in a storm in 1992. Castellare-di-Casinca is composed of sturdy, architectural houses, and the stately construction of the church suggests that the village was erected in the 13th century. Opizzo Pernice, Bishop of Mariana (Cortinchi family), would have been the founder. He would also have been at the origin of the creation of Viscuvatu (Vescovato), at a place known as Belfiuritu in 1269/89, when the Santa Maria church replaced that of Canonica, situated along the lagoon bordering Biguglia pond.
The Cortinchi family participated in the repopulation at the end of the 13th century, bringing Tuscan families to the region of Aléria, nurtured by promulgated indulgences from Pope Innocent IV.


Source: Augustin Chiodetti
text: Wikipedia
Photo: Denis Pieraccini ©

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