The Castle of the Count of Frassu relates ..

Contes et Leg C Frasso villageAt the summit of the Frassu mountain which tops an altitude of 350m on a plateau overlooking the sea, stands a square tower –  the remains of the former castle of the Counts of Frassu, and for which (over a long time) the bishops of Ajaccio carried the title.

It is in 1126 that Count Polverello gave the bishops of Ajaccio his lands (Frassu and Agosto), who formed in the southeastern part of the Gulf, some of the richest possessions on the island.
In the deed, one reads: “Frassu e vassalli con stagno e acque, fiume, fiume, terre, casa sua, porto.”
The Count Polverello’s house was this square tower, still standing on granite rocks. The roof and floors have collapsed, but the stone walls trimmed with rare precision knew perfectly how to withstand the test of time. We can see the  extraordinary regular assembly of stones with their bases, all of the same height.

The vast domain of Frassu underwent many invasions, which forced the coastal inhabitants to move to the interior and up to the hills, in order to protect and better defend themselves. The village, which had about twenty houses, was deserted during the incursions of the Moors and the barbary pirates towards 1600.
Repopulated again, it was finally abandoned by the state, despite the vain attempts of protest by Count Vignolle, in virtue of a decision of the Minister of Finance, dated December 5, 1850 as follows: “.. there will be no further action for recovery of useless and ill-defined land of the former County of Frassu .. “

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