Catching up with: Fred Poggi

It was high time to meet up with Fred Poggi once again, and discover all his news since 2014 (my previous article relating to Voce Ventu for their generous, inspiring and talented contribution to the musical scene in Corsica). With this encounter, I wished to learn more about Fred’s personal thoughts, hopes, achievements and fears. 

Well, for one, and which certainly must be taken into consideration, Fred has become a father since our last chat – this, of course, has considerably changed his rhythm !  And, since 2015, he has been enjoying composing music for films – i.e: Les Exilés, Beatrice (Rinatu Frassati) and a documentary. During 2018, he had the pleasure of playing with Miou-Miou and Alexandra Lamy in ‘Belle-Fille’ by Méliane Marcaggi, which was shot in Valle-di-Campoloru, coming out soon. He always looks forward to experiencing new adventures. In 2018, Jean-Jacques Torre and Antoine Gannac produced a documentary tracing his professional and artistic career, written by Michèle Don Ignazi and directed by Isabelle Porte. 

Now, let’s catch up with Voce Ventu. Since their last album in 2016, the group Voce Ventu has been involved in a lot of work, refining their qualities and progressing. Fred is one of the main composers, and the group nowadays is composed of thirteen. They had a concert in Paris in 2018 at the Trianon. Next year in 2020, they will celebrate their 25years, with new songs of course and rearrangements of older ones. And, there will be a new album coming out ! Voce Ventu fans will undoubtedly be on the lookout. 

What the future holds: At times in residence at the Natale Rochiccioli cultural centre in Cargèse, this will be where they will be giving a concert for their 25th anniversary (they also inaugurated this centre), and there will more than likely be a concert in a large concert hall in Ajaccio (Salle A Fabrica, Vazzio). They would very much like to tour the US – this of course, means months of preparation and logistics, something they are working on. Also, (and which could take form more rapidly) a tour of the Mediterranean.

There’s additional news that I was quite surprised to learn and that will please many of you. This coming spring and probably in April, he (with others) will be opening a musical area which will also be a bar/lounge/restaurant and a brand new adventure ! This will be situated on the outskirts of Ajaccio, and will offer musical evenings with singers and groups (even a DJ at times) and cabaret, providing for the 30-60 year olds and proposing tapas, pizzas and light meal-trays – sounds great now doesn’t it, we’ll definitely be going to try this out. 

I’ve tried to give you a rundown of just about everything he’s involved with – given this, he still manages to find the time to sing with Chjami-Aghjalesi (in my previous article, I mentioned them as you may well remember). 
As regards the island today, he finds there are new hopes for many Corsicans, giving prominence to authentic values – time will tell, those in charge have an obligation to satisfy without disappointing, although sometimes held within certain limits they must advance. Precariousness, delinquency and frequent new problems remain present in our society today, there is much to do and much to catch up in order to maintain an assured balance for the present and future. He underlines the fact that solidarity remains present and strong on the island today. Always interesting to follow up with those I remain in contact with, and with whom passion, talent and kindness transpires – once again, a very fruitful experience.

2 comments to Catching up with: Fred Poggi

  • Poggi frederic  says:

    Thank you very much dear Pamela for this article. I don’t understood every words but the I understood the essential. Thank you so much. And I hope long life at your wonderful blog about Corsica. Regards

    • Pamela  says:

      Very pleased you enjoyed it Fred. Thank you for your kind words !
      My pleasure to be able to inform the public on such interesting people
      and subjects. Best to you.

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