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‘Just how far is …’ maybe this little map will answer some of your questions !

An interesting little map for you, this time dealing with ‘time travel’ – quite often, many of you wonder how long it actually takes to get from one town to another, north to south and east to west. These are indications, taking into account that during the height of the season, you would more than likely need to add some extra time here and there, in order to manage a more accurate estimation. The island is small, but travel can take up more time than expected – keep it in mind.                                                                          

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Impressions: A Corsican recently visiting Ireland !

It is not every day that you meet a Corsican who has just returned from spending a short stay in Ireland, and I was naturally very interested in finding out exactly what her thoughts were as regards to my native Emerald Isle.

May I introduce Stephanie. She also runs a page ‘Trésors de Corse’ on Facebook and on Instagram – displaying the natural beauty of the island, with her chosen personal images, from her travels around the island.  
Now, brushing up on English can be a time-consuming process, and the best way is (by far) choosing to spend time in an English speaking country. 

So, why choose Ireland ?  Culture, heritage and identity are more than ever shared between the two islands. 

A definite and constant visible/invisible bond links the two islands, a natural attraction in other word...

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The Protective Scapular: legend of a blessed protection

Scapular Fromagerie SistiHere’s an interesting little legend/tradition about the ‘Protective Scapular’.
In order to protect the flocks of sheep and goats, the shepherds used a scapular.
They cut off a tip of a goat’s or ram’s horn, and put a blessed branch of an olive tree inside of it. They could also add a small cross, a piece of coal from Christmas day, or a statue of St Anthony or the Virgin Mary. Afterwards, they closed the horn with a cork, and hung it on to the collar of the leader of the flock.
Source: Fromagerie Sisti ©
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A few words on: The Stuarts of Corsica

Stuart of CorsicaTaking into account that proof of evident ‘homologous chromosome triangulation’, we know that Manuel Stuart had a matrilineal ancestry in Breslau (Silesia, central Europe). The family of the Stuarts of Corsica is directly linked to the Klose family – notably, Karl Ludwig Klose, who wrote a biography concerning Prince Charles Edward Stuart (1845), and also the Corsican leader Pasquale Paoli (1853). In 1740, Ulysse Maximillian Brown was the governor of Breslau.


Source: Stuart of Corsica ©

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Out of season, what can Corsica offer over the autumn ?


Out of season, the island adapts to a slower and more peaceful pace. Autumn appears with bright, sunny and refreshing days – ideal for long strolls by the sea, or through the countryside. Vineyards are quite beautiful, preparing for the harvest and visits are even more enjoyable, with lower temperatures.

Chestnut season invites you to choose from the many varieties of products, without forgetting to indulge in fresh chestnuts of course and of course the annual fair held in Bocognano (Bucugna).

There is also a selection of fairs/festivals offered during this season, and here I refer to fig, honey, medieval fairs etc., trimmed with film festivals along the way, for those wishing to remain connected.

Outdoor activities include being by the sea, and yet a short distance from the moun...

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