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Meaningful advice/words from Pasquale Paoli

storia di Corsica the elderlyShow respect for the grey-haired, give first position to old age and surround this venerable age with tender care. How one day you will not be affected by such respect !

Pasquale Paoli



Source : Storia di Corsica Copyright ©

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Top 10 —> thanks to Corsicans ! – from Topito

An interesting choice from Topito recently caught my attention : Thanks to Corsicans !

1) Coca-Cola : In 1863, Angelo Mariani created a fortifying drink made from wine and Coca leaves. Exported to the US, John Smith Pemberton (pharmacist), sells it under the name of French Wine Coca – then came the prohibition, the wine is replaced by lemon juice and sparkling water and in the process, is renamed ‘Coca-Cola’.

2) Perfume : François Coty created his factory on the eve of WW1, and became No.1 worldwide.

3) The FBI : Created in 1908, by Charles Joseph Bonaparte – Napoléon’s grandnephew !

4) The discovery of America ! Christopher Columbus who discovered it, was supposedly born in Calvi (north of Corsica).

5) Roquefort cheese : Legend says, a Corsican shepherd forgot his bag, a...

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News: A recent release: ‘Exploring Europe’ – Corsica is concerned !





Anyone on their way to Europe, may be interested in this new release; within which you will find several of my articles on Corsica – I was kindly asked recently if they could be included, and am delighted they are! from the US: ‘Exploring Europe’
– may those concerned enjoy the read ..…/…/…/1935786962/

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‘Cistus’ – poem by Saveriu Paoli (1916)

storia di Corsica
Viscous cistus                                                                                                         
King of our beaches,
Clinging cistus
Bordering our threshing floors
Companion of our shepherds
Nowhere, does the beauty of your flowers not embellish
Come winter or summer, everywhere you are resplendent
– may he go to hell, he who sets you on fire (or burns you!)
May your essence never disappear
May you stretch and expand from mounts to marinas
Scatter and flower, flower and scatter,
Oh cistus, never cease to offer your colours and your energy
Viscous cistus, king of our maquis
Clinging cistus, bordering our threshing floors ..
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For your information: a recent interview given by Let’s Talk About Corsica

Recently, Pari(s) sur la Corse interviewed Let’s Talk About Corsica – in French. Posting the interview for those who would like to learn more about the creation of my site; in other words, answers to the ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘who’ ‘where’ etc,.

Pari(s) sur la Corse deals with Corsican news, encounters, discoveries and motivated Corsicans undertaking new horizons.

I have attached their link below, for those who would like to read the article in full :




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