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This could very well be the oldest image of San Fiurenzu (Saint Florent)

A rare picture, published just last January, which seems to be the oldest photograph of San Fiurenzu (Saint-Florent)  known to this day

                                                                                         Storia di San Fiurenzu (plus vieille image)

One notices immediately that the Strada Nova is not yet built (buildings built in the eighteenth century and are
now at several meters from the sea, but had once upon a time their feet in the water) – however, it will be achieved between 1892 and 1896 to facilitate trade through the port.

But what is most interesting is the presence in this photograph of the defensive system protecting the entrance to the village: “a torra” (right) supporting one of the city gates still operating in the 1860’s and defensive

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From Corti, the 33rd edition of their International Days – exposure of reflections

Alta FIf one relates to the signification of a ‘movement’, this is what can be said: ‘a group of people working together in order to advance their shared political, social or artistic ideas’ – now add the word ‘solidarity’ and mutual support within and without a group transpires – the whole significance renders a larger picture; one where we can at last fully grasp the depth involved, the search for comprehension, and desire for change. Reciprocity.
Gandhi once pronounced these words: ‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others ..’ noble words you may say; but, when really pondering on them one realises just where they can lead you to – unity, in every sense of the term.
This annual event, and 33rd edition organised by Corsica Libera, sees a large gathering ov...
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Why Choose Corsica ? – Top Ten Answers

(random order)

1) DIVERSITY : Most definitely, the diversity of this island is an essential point and ‘key’ word, with a large category of reference; i.e: you can be lying on the beach and staring up at the nearby mountains; now, are there many places where you can do that ? Discover endemic species, insularity favouring many indeed. Real seasons can be witnessed ! shades, flavours and environment react fully to each. Fairs can be enjoyed throughout the year, where a large choice awaits you, depending on the moment you choose, naturally. Festivals running all through the summer months, and quite a variety (refer to my articles in the Festivals/Events category, for further info).

2) GO ON A WINE TRAIL : The island offers choice wines, which are renowned and exported, with over 40 ...

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Boswell relates a conversation with Pascal Paoli

Pasquale Paoli Historia di Corsica(1)

I spoke to him about the alliance plan between Corsica and England. Paoli redirected this subject with refined politeness and dignity, answering: ‘less we rely on allies, greater will be our glory.’ ‘We may,’ he said, ‘have foreign powers as friends, provided that the distance is reasonable. We can build alliances, but we do not wish to be subject to any European nation, no matter whom it may concern. These people, who have achieved so much for their freedom, would prefer to be cut into pieces, man by man up to the very last, rather than see Corsica merge with some other countries land. Some years ago, false rumours spread, saying that I was going to cede Corsica to the emperor. At that point, a Corsican came to me with great emotion...

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When Flaubert narrates, words come to life; his arrival in Sagone

1779178_273650486125207_1815074255_nSagone B Luciani

‘It was then noon, as we skirted the edge of the sea following the path to the ancient city of Sagone. She was calm, with the sun giving it a lit azure appearance, becoming even clearer, with rays all around the rocks; flower-like diamond rings, and they shone brighter and more sparkling than the stars. The sea held a scent sweeter than the roses, we inhaled with delight, aspiring to the sun, the breeze, the view of the horizon, and the smell of myrtle – because these were happy days when the soul was open to the sun, the voyage and that supreme beauty within her fragrant flowers.

Imagine an orange cut in the middle, this is Corsica...

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