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How they saw Corsica and what they said ..

Corse-03-a29182905 Sandra Lippros Point of the Revellata at the gates of Calvi
I was the happiest of men within my solitary retreat, and where the Corsican sea surrounded me with her waves ..
In Corsica, I climbed up on a rock and plunged straight into the middle of life ..
I have settled here – due to bedazzlement ..
Jean-Jacques Rousseau:                     
Without friends, support, money or an army – enslaved by dreadful masters – alone you have shaken their yoke. You’ve seen them unite against you, one by one, the most fearsome dictators of Europe, flooding your island with foreign, armed forces; you overcame it all .. it is less about becoming others – but to know how to remain yourselves.
– I have a presentiment that one day, this island will astonish Europe ..
All of Europe is Corsica...
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CNN in Corsica —-> investigating natural beauty for energy

CNN came to Corsica last winter – investigating the ‘renewal energy experiment’

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Extract from: ‘The Lighthouse on the Sanguinaires’ by Alfonse Daudet

Sanguinaires Islands (GraZiella)

I was reminded of a bad spell of insomnia I had three years ago, when I lived in the Sanguinaires lighthouse overlooking the entrance to the Gulf of Ajaccio, on the Corsican coast.

I had found a pleasant place, where I could muse in solitude.

Picture an island with a reddish cast, and a wild appearance. There was a lighthouse on one headland, and an old Genoese tower on the other, housing an eagle when I was there. Down by the sea-shore, there was a ruined lazaretto, overgrown with grass. There were ravines, low scrub, huge rocks, wild goats and Corsican ponies trotting about, their manes flowing in the breeze. At the highest point, surrounded by a flurry of seabirds was the lighthouse, with its platform of white masonry, where the keepers paced to and fro...

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Renowned French environmentalist, Nicolas Hulot on Corsica

Well known to all, Nicolas Hulot has his own personal idea on how he views this island

A traveller and explorer, he has adventured all over the world, and here is what he has to say:

“Corsica is perhaps the first place, and God knows how many I have visited – where I would have wished to stay. We can not love a place just for the beauty of its landscapes, because you get tired very quickly of this. For Corsica to love you, you must love the Corsicans. Me, what I like about them is that they do not engage immediately, they are not teasers. The Corsican is profound, sometimes lively but at least he has character, as does the island. I hate lukewarm things. Of course, he also has flaws, because he loves the land and defends it.

Being Corsican, still means somethingwhilst elsewhere in Fr...

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