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A promenade through the Renaissance right up to Street Art, with Mario Sepulcre – artful revelation

When you meet an artist who both paints and restores paintings, the question that was on the tip of my tongue was obviously, ‘which do you prefer?’ and here the soul of the artist reacted – to paint.   La résurrection de Lazare - 120cm x 120cm 2009(1)

Mario Sepulcre was born in Oran (Algeria) and studied both in Canada and in Florence. In 1994, he made an encounter that was to be of the highest importance for his future endeavours, naming Jeanne Marie Bertaux, a master – and here his initiation with fresco art would develop through several years of their alliance. This was also a dream come true, within which the creation of contemporary frescoes took place, and always according to Italian methods.

In constant search for a certain truth, the Renaissance has accompanied and influenced this artist throughout the years...

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Traditional dances from ‘Ochju a ochju’

traditional dance
Ochju a ochju, is a traditional dance association dealing with creative development; traditional costumes worn in the Corsican micro-regions during the 17th/18th centuries.
These costumes were created by designer Rene-Marie Acquaviva, according to ethnologist Rennie PecqueuxBarboni’s theory. Staging of traditional dances: carnival, community (such as the quadrille), dances for couples; ‘a jardiniera’, and choreographic creations deriving from traditional dances.

Ochju a ochju aims at creating bonds/connections through offering a representative meaning/sense in order to bring people together – combining heritage and creation so one can perceive an authentic image of the island of Corsica, anchored in its traditions but, turning towards the future and modernity.

Source: Corse Passion

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Voce Ventu passes on the flame .. past, present and future

Voce Ventu

In 2015, this Corsican group will celebrate their twenty years of existence. Twenty years, within which their have been moments of pause too, but, isn’t this an even more forcible reason to sense a certain necessary/renewed awareness? I believe so. Not that this would be automatically the case, however sometimes it is fundamental in order to ignite a new/alternative perception and comprehension. Voce Ventu created in 1995, and composed of six – taking a pause in 2011 and now returning in 2014 with renewed enthusiasm.

I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Poggi recently; composer, singer, musician, Corsican language university teacher, translator (films), coach for the Corsican language and also, actor – and who has even found the time to dabble in photography.

It was extremely...

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The infinite passion of life through cinema, with Jean-Patrick Desjobert


When a flow of ideas, opinions, desires and perceptions occur within an exchange, this can be translated as a natural, spontaneous and creative osmosis – a sentiment I witnessed having met this talented, young director – who is also an actor.

Why do I state director in the first place? simply because having viewed his recent/first short film, ‘Je suis un souvenir et bien plus encore’, at the English/Irish film festival held here in Ajaccio, the emotional atmosphere portrayed is active, intense and within these short minutes, the spectator literally absorbs – through a very strong dose of sensitiveness. The idea materialised rather quickly, a parallel of memories and time passing by, where fluidity of movement and sensuality dwell and where also twelve hours of work were involved...

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Customs and beliefs at Christmas, New Year and ceremonies

le rite des coups de feu
Did you know ?
In Corsica, it is customary to fire shots in the air for Christmas, New Year and certain other ceremonies ..

Yes, but why ?

Extending culturally throughout the US, Asia, Corsica, and also the Maghreb – this tradition permits the celebration of holidays such as New Year, along with religious holidays.

While the powder was originally created to make noise, the historian Constantin Parvulesco believes that shooting in the air sometimes takes on a ritualised and religious dimension.

Gunshots in the air also register within a symbolic dimension. “Weapons are intimately associated with the concept of freedom in many countries. Therefore, firing in the air is a means of expression...

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