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‘Vegan Marathon’ – Magà Ettori is ready for a challenge !

Magà Ettori is ready to take up a challenge – that of the Marathon de Paris, next April 9th. The truth is, it’s the story of a rebirth. He’s forty-five years of age and weighs 140k – has hypertension and suffers from apnea (and we all know how dangerous that can be). Previously, he had to stop sport, having undergone an organ transplant due to an accident. But, his old dream has persisted, and his desire to participate is stronger than ever.
He confides in an old friend, who is a sports coach, and who convinces him that this is still possible, and that he could run not only for himself, but also for the animal cause (being a vegan). The challenge is ready to be taken up...
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Quick shots taken at the chestnut fair in Bocognano*

These give you a fair idea of what this fair actually offers – the sun was there to greet us, smiling faces and so much to devour with the eyes !

a definite halt, if and when in Corsica early December, and a fair where  attractive stands with quality goods await the public – from near and far ..

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Bocognano invites you to a legendary chestnut fair – total immersion with flavours/sensations and ambience

6106107-9116489When one realises the importance chestnuts hold on this island, it is certainly not surprising that the chestnut fair remains one of the highlights of the year, and is this year, celebrating the 31st representation in the very attractive village of Bocognano, which is on the way to Corte/Bastia.

Annually held in December, this popular fair attracts the crowds from all around, for the diversity of the stands, along with the festive atmosphere is not negligible and can be witnessed through the floating savours of chestnuts!

The village itself, is situated only 40km from Ajaccio, another lovely drive up there, gaining height all the time.

Demonstrations of various sorts will be taking place here again, where chestnuts, chestnut flour and the impressive choice of where this natural and fla...

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‘Under My Screen’ —> action! – 5th season of our English/Irish film festival


Bergman stated: “No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls ..”
The very word, ‘cinema’ – what does it evoke for the vast majority of us ? escape, entertainment, the idolising of directors, reverie, pleasure, unfolding messages, reflections, desires, the brilliant performance of your choice actors .. a regard on life itself – a vast dimension of parallels, hypotheses and where just about everything is possible these days .. and within which it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish the difference between the tangible and the illusory – or should we even try – but, that is another story ....

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Images straight from the 11th Graphic Novel Festival, held in Ajaccio

This festival has been gaining popularity over the years, mainly because it has managed to keep a certain standard, but also because more and more have experienced growing interest in graphic novels – and having the possibility of actually meeting those with whom one shares this interest is, a major advantage – so many talented creators all present in one area, and over three days, an event that cannot be overlooked and where artists/authors mingle and exchange their passion with the public:

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