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A Christmas Market in Appietto …

Charming and enchanting, Appietto’s Christmas Market holds its promises – layout and organisation efficiently planned, delightful moments for all – wandering through the stands, and sipping hot spicy wine … Christmas chalets truly invite the festive spirit !

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The charm of a village Christmas market: Appietto welcomes you with a jingle*

Marché_Noel_2013 4x3 OK2

Doesn’t this bring back fond memories from just being a child again, the magic and charm of a Christmas market before this seasonal event – visions, scents, sensations, flavours and colours remaining present for the rest of our lives.

Just outside of Ajaccio, there is the very quaint little village of Appietto, expanding from the Monte Gozzi right down to the coastline of the Gulf de Lava. Traces of the medieval past can still be viewed with fortresses/chapels, reminding us of hardship and conflicts that once were. The Monte Gozzi (which I am particularly fond of) towers from its 716m, and a notable choice for trekking over the spring/early summer months, and the whole municipality is doted with archeological tresors just waiting for you too.

This year brings the 6th edition of this...

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The 11th Graphic Novel Festival in Ajaccio attracts all age groups!

fest BD

Long before the invention of the printing press and almost as far as the memory can wander, hasn’t art always illustrated, related and communicated in every way possible for the public to grasp stories, events, beliefs, ideas and imaginative scenes.
Comic book/graphic novel festivals are now worldwide, with an impressive range of gifted and inventive creators.
Certainly, with the 1920/1930s boom, a steady growing market settled in growing constantly and I think the necessity experienced throughout history to convey religious, political and social life has always been a major commitment and release of creative expression, also serving this means of communication.

In France, cartoons/comic strips/graphic novels are known as the ‘Ninth Art’ and are extremely popular and appreciated, and ...

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The Food of the Gods honoured in Bastia – 2nd Annual Chocolate Show

Salon de Chocolat de Bastia Oct 2013 025This is, one of my favourite shows, and whenever I can, I try to attend. Over several years, the direction was usually Paris, and this year for the second edition here in Corsica, my choice of direction went to Bastia (north of the island), where I explored this very exciting event that I had been waiting for quite impatiently, I may add.

Let’s view what this show would reveal

Imagine 2600m2 of vacant space, where 105 stands and over 100 exhibitors (of which fifteen came from the mainland) presented their extremely tempting creations and products. And as we are discussing numbers here, you might like to learn that during last year’s show, 10 tons of chocolate was actually sold – those present, sold the equivalent to their Christmas sales ....

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‘Festiventu’ – the 22nd Annual ‘Wind Festival’ in Calvi

Plage par Eric Gueret Fest du Vent Calvi

As many islands, Corsica too is often wind-blown and senses the force of enveloping strength. However, this island uses this natural power and honours the wind annually, with a special festival ‘Festiventu’ running through five days of festivities and excitement, held in Calvi (north of the island) – an event where creation and education mingle.

Visitors from all over the world attend, and where one sees children accompanied by their parents and school outings too, certainly a thrill for some fortunate classes. It’s taking ‘time out’ for natural appreciation, communication and exchange of ideas.

Nature surprises us, and our adaption to her movement, energy and personality provokes inspiration, loyalty, creativity and respect...

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