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The Food of the Gods honoured in Bastia – 2nd Annual Chocolate Show

Salon de Chocolat de Bastia Oct 2013 025This is, one of my favourite shows, and whenever I can, I try to attend. Over several years, the direction was usually Paris, and this year for the second edition here in Corsica, my choice of direction went to Bastia (north of the island), where I explored this very exciting event that I had been waiting for quite impatiently, I may add.

Let’s view what this show would reveal

Imagine 2600m2 of vacant space, where 105 stands and over 100 exhibitors (of which fifteen came from the mainland) presented their extremely tempting creations and products. And as we are discussing numbers here, you might like to learn that during last year’s show, 10 tons of chocolate was actually sold – those present, sold the equivalent to their Christmas sales ....

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‘Festiventu’ – the 22nd Annual ‘Wind Festival’ in Calvi

Plage par Eric Gueret Fest du Vent Calvi

As many islands, Corsica too is often wind-blown and senses the force of enveloping strength. However, this island uses this natural power and honours the wind annually, with a special festival ‘Festiventu’ running through five days of festivities and excitement, held in Calvi (north of the island) – an event where creation and education mingle.

Visitors from all over the world attend, and where one sees children accompanied by their parents and school outings too, certainly a thrill for some fortunate classes. It’s taking ‘time out’ for natural appreciation, communication and exchange of ideas.

Nature surprises us, and our adaption to her movement, energy and personality provokes inspiration, loyalty, creativity and respect...

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‘Passion Cinema’ Festival – 9 Days Of Acute Attention!


Autumn is also the return of the film festivals, and this is a time for everybody in and around Ajaccio to catch up on some of the latest and best films available.

This year, with Passion Cinema, we will be seeing no less than 10 ‘avant première’ arriving, which means Ajaccio will be viewing even before mainland France, a notable point all the same.

Now, which directors am I referring to here ?
let me give you a fair idea of what is installed for all: Woody Allen, Ken Loach, Sofia Coppola, Jeff Nichols, François Ozon, Asghar Farhadi, Wong KarWai, Ari Folman, Claire Simon, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Claire Denis,Thierry de Peretti, Anthony Chen and Jia Zhanghe – there are more of course, as this festival will be showing between twenty and thirty films all in all, without forgetting a ...

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The Nectar of ‘Mele in Festa’ – The Island’s Honey Fair takes place in Murzo

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Take a cruise back in time … to the Middle Ages

Direction Levie (southern Corsica) –
(September 13th-15th, 2013)

total immersion for three days of discovering, following, and enjoying the Middle Ages, and where everybody participates – third edition this year –

isn’t that a bewitching idea ?

and remember, this weekend is European Heritage Days – open door weekend – so, explore !



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