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Ajaccio sets the red carpet for the Imperial Regatta, an annual ballet – elegance and performance ..

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It was in 2003 that this elegant and performing event first honoured some of the very finest yachts existing. Challenge and tradition play their respective roles, within which the crowds visually board the waves over the five days of this prestigious race.

International participation from many countries accompany this event, notably from Germany, US, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and Spain. The renowned ‘Firebird’ will be present, built in 1937 and renovated in Saint Malo from 1989-1992, also classified as a ‘historical monument’ and an example of art in craftsmanship...

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All out for the 56th Annual Corsican Rally, May 16th – 18th !


A substantial event here – the 56th Corsican Rally! This annual feature gathers crowds since its beginning in 1956, also being part of the french championship and even the world rally championship at different moments, and this years rally will be counting for the European Championship. The affluent arrival of additional tourists and enthusiastic followers is seen and a strong sentiment of effervescence invades and takes over delightfully, all under the welcoming sun.

Often known as ‘the rally of 10 000 bends’, an authentic challenge is launched here every time, for we must remember although this island is small in size, the roads are amazingly windy, often narrow and possessing steep drops by the sheltering rocks...

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Abyss – International Festival of Underwater Images and Aquatic Worlds

ocean and yellowspotted burrfish
This week in May holds many days off, and one of the highlights has been the International Festival of  Underwater Images and Aquatic Worlds, which took place at the Palais de Congrès, in the centre of Ajaccio. For its first year of initiation, this festival held quality and a world of information, for those who had the opportunity of attending. Documentaries, films and conferences over two days, supported by enchanting underwater images, a world to discover/rediscover with full appreciation and needless to say, the Mediterranean also held an important role here, with a special regard to the ray and shark family. For amateurs of photography, a competition was held for underwater images, and the possibility to photograph the wreck of a world war II P40 Curtiss fighter.

I particularl...

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