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Flavourful Corsican Soup, Mimi’s way*

Soup, is unavoidable over the winter months – and here’s savoury idea from
Mimi, with various vegetables for a Corsican soup – which is always plentiful and quite delicious.
The benefits from vitamins are, especially over these cold months, required and welcomed,
so, do indulge in soup whenever you can !                                     Soupe-corse-les-recettes-de-michele-Grimigni_large

Preparation: 15mins

Cooking: 2 hours


– 1 farmer’s ham (prizutti) bone or 1 ham hock (with or without its bone)

– 2 slices of panzetta (bacon)

– 1 onion

– 1/2 of 1 kale

– 100grs flat beans

– 200grs pumpkin

– 1 courgette

– 1 leek

– 2 small turnips

– 5 small potatoes

– 2 carrots

– 2 cloves of garlic

– 1 tomato

– 2 sticks of celery

– basil, salt+pepper, sunflower oil an...

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Courgettes Beignets – Mimi’s way, with Corsican courgettes


There’s such a choice of winter vegetables out there at this time of the year, here’s another tasty recipe with courgettes, – which of course you can serve by themselves, or with a side dish of your choice. (Depending also on where you live, and if you can find Corsican courgettes, naturally)

for 30 beignets

Preparation: 1h
Cooking: 6mins


– 200grs flour

– 3 eggs

– 1 packet of baking powder

– 1 soup spoon of olive oil

– 1/2 glass of water

– 2 courgettes (Corsican if possible)

– parsley, garlic, salt+pepper, sunflower oil


Wash, dry and grate the courgettes. Salt and let them drain for about 1 hour
In a salad bowl mix flour, baking powder and eggs, add the 1/2 glass of water and then add 1 soup spoon of olive oil

Add the courgettes to ...

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Passion Chocolate: with Michel Colombani – ‘Maître Chocolatier’

Colombani Chocolate 014This adventure dates back to 1988, when Michel worked with Daniel Rotoloni, having also been trained by him at the ‘Bonheurs Gourmands’ and it wasn’t until 1994 that Michel flew with his own wings and created his very own chocolate nest. I’ve known him now for several years, and I highly respect his strength of work, his quest for perfection and his use of imagination whenever and wherever he can.

Today in 2013, thirty two varieties can be explored and savoured, where spices and aromas are just waiting to emerge and guide your palate there where you would just love to be – that state of certain ecstasy, when chocolate takes over!        Colombani Chocolate 023
Childhood memories are what come to his mind first, where sharing over Christmas and Easter was always an event, and this obviously influences hi...

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Mimi’s chestnut flour, fig + walnut cake

Cake-farine-de-chataigne-noix-et-figues-les-recettes-de-Michele-Grimigni_medium(1)Certainly for the season! deliciously different due to the chestnut flour, that added tasty ingredient –

6 – 8 portions

Preparation: 5 mins

Cooking: 40 mins


– 100g sugar +  4 eggs
– 100g butter
– 100g chestnut flour
– 100g wheat flour
– 1 packet of baking powder
– a pinch of salt
– rum
– 5 soup spoons of milk
– walnuts, dried figs


Cut the figs into strips and coarsely crush the walnuts
Blanch the sugar and egg-yolkes
Add both (sieved) flours, salt + baking powder, mix well and add milk
Add melted butter, and blend well to obtain a consistent batter
Beat the egg whites and add progressively to the mix
Add walnuts, figs, rum and blend
Butter + flour a cake tin and fill with mix
Put into the oven for 40 mins at around 180°
Leave to cool before removi...

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Crispy salmon salad from Mimi !

croustillant saumon

Although we’re coming into winter, this quick, tasty recipe is ideal if you’re in the mood for fish, and can of course, be served over the spring and summer months, so keep it in mind !

Preparation: 30mins

Cooking: 50mins


– 1 thick slice of salmon (800gr)

– 1 lemon juice

– 2 onions

– 4 tomatoes

– 6 mushrooms

– 10 ‘chérie’ potatoes

– olive oil, salt, pepper, coarse salt, thyme, pink berries, mustard, balsamic+sherry vinegar, parsley, butter and lettuce


Crush the pink berries and chop the parsley. Reserve the juice of 1 lemon. Wash, peel and chop the mushrooms, then fry them in a frying pan with some olive oil and a little butter, sprinkle parsley on them and put aside.

Slice the onions and fry with sunflower oil until tender, add a little su...

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