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Visit the Alcione Wreck at Taverna

The Alcione wreck:
Wreck of an Italian tanker at Taverna, up north of Corsica, which went down in 1943 by torpedo – used to be known as HMS Anam, with a length of 54m and down around -32m.

This is now the site for photographers, film shoots and deep-sea divers .. great video here for a virtual visit ..


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Corsican cutlers create and perpetuate from ancestral knowledge

foire aux couteaux Cuttoli Aout 2013 008

Ancestral knowledge perpetuated up to this day, the art of fabricating knives here in Corsica has always been a way of life. Let us not forget that this was first and foremost, a necessity – many brought back choices from their travels, having discovered the many varieties throughout the world. At one stage, exchanges with neighbouring islands within the Mediterranean, was common practise too. In each village, there were several blacksmiths and this was quite some time before the industrial age, which is also why there can be notable differences as regards names, and forms depending on regions.

Adapted for a particular use, size and shape have always held their utmost importance...

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A retrospective/prospective: The Penitentiary of Coti – yesterday and today

Coti July 31 2013 012Immersed in history once again, I revisited this former penitentiary around 37km outside of Ajaccio recently, where many signs of elapsed circumstances still reside. There’s a charming drive up there, accompanied by the sentful eucalyptus trees that stream and guide you on the way, so, take your time driving up too.

Opening in 1855, this penitentiary was to shelter thieves, soldiers who had disobeyed and other categories that were catalogued as ‘menacing’ individuals for society – and often in irons. Just imagine, some of the youngest were no more than 16 years of age. Now, amazing to note here, they had to be catholics too, and this was indeed a strict rule apparently. Malaria, and high fevers ravaged in the beginning, wiping out a very high percentage of its occupants...

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The Castle of the Punta, her story and possible sentence

Chateau de la Punta Pascal

Let us wander back to 1564, when Catherine de Medici asked Philibert de l’Orme to build her a castle –  because she was tired of living at the Louvre in Paris. The ‘Tuileries Palace’ stood for three centuries to be then destroyed by a fire in May,1871 – due to an insurrection that took place and lasted for over three weeks ..

In 1882, the decision to completely erase the remaining remnants was taken and it was between 1886-89, that Count Jérôme Pozzo di Borgo and his son Charles, purchased an important quantity of these stones in view of building their castle in Alata, beside Ajaccio, within 40 hectares of park, on an altitude of 600m and with views showing the Gulf of Ajaccio and Sagone, but also the heights of the Monte d’Oro and Renoso, and the imposing Red Rock Gozzi and ...

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A few words on Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Constitution Project for Corsica – amongst others, drafted by Pascal Paoli

Pascal Paoli Jean Jacques RousseauI think it is correct to render homage to these men, who fought with their ideas and often their weapons, in order to search and build the foundations for future generations, with what they firmly believed, and willingly conveyed for the better of the island.

On the history of philosophy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau certainly remains a major personality relating to his strong influence on philosophers to come, deriving from his significant additions to both moral psychology and political philosophy. His inspiration cannot be denied behind the Constitution Project for Corsica, which was drafted by Pascal Paoli, amongst others – an independent republic through modern   age, in 1765.

I would like to illustrate this desire with an extract from this project, whose weight will certainly abide th...
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