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The Saint François Convent of Orezza

One of our historical sites, built in 1492 by miners, before being passed on to the Franciscans, who then built a church with six chapels.
In 1832, it all fell into ruins – date on which the state engaged a disastrous process for selling it to private individuals.
During WW2, the convent and its buildings were occupied by Italian troops who had set up an ammunition depot, which they had blown up at the approach of the Germans – and this literally brought an end to the ruins.
Over the half of a century that has gone by since, many voices have risen to wish or claim its restoration – a demand made credible by the unquestionable historical interest of this place, and theatre of many ‘consulte’.
Source: Corse Matin (via Augustin Chiodetti)
Photo credit: Jacques Paoli Corse Mati...
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Castellare-di-Casinca is located in Casinca – a micro-region of Castagniccia. It had the reputation of being ‘Rome’s granary’ in antiquity, and ‘Corsica’s orchard’.
Nowadays, Castellare has the advantage of being a village ‘between sea and mountain’, in the literal sense of the term.
The local beach L’Anghjone, is located below the municipality, whereas the Mounts San Anghjulu and San Petrone surround the village and watch over the bell tower, which collapsed in a storm in 1992. Castellare-di-Casinca is composed of sturdy, architectural houses, and the stately construction of the church suggests that the village was erected in the 13th century. Opizzo Pernice, Bishop of Mariana (Cortinchi family), would have been the founder...
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The Legend of the Seven Windmills

moulin à vent du Cap Contes et Legèndes Corses (Fb)During the Corsican wars, there was a family living near Ajaccio – the Orotesi family. Wanting to protect their wealth from future plundering, it was buried so well that it was never to be found …
Now, in order to meet the needs of the family and raise their son Théobald, the father became a miller. From all of his twenty years of age, Théobald was by far the best looking boy in the country – and Ginésia, the daughter of the Montichi Podesta, fell in love with him. However, her father did not have the same vision at all – fi !!! to marry the son of a miller ! but, he had Théobald come to see him and promised his daughter in marriage, if he became rich. The young man left Ajaccio and returned to his windmill. A storm broke out and caught him on his way back.
On a path in the maqui...
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The Legend of the Dragon from Valpianu

At the bottom of Valpianu, and not far from the hamlet of Bonicardo, lived a monstrous dragon that had been driven away from the Muteri mountain by the fairies. Those who had been able to get a glimpse of him, had fled just in time – a vile beast, with sharp legs, spitting flames from his mouth, waving his enormous wings and sweeping the ground with his long tail.
One day, a man arrived out of the blue and proposed to fight the dragon, in exchange for a plot of land that he could cultivate. The population accepted the offer of this brave young man, whose name was Padrone. Nobody knew what happened during the fight, and they were convinced he would never return.
Under the chestnut trees, the battle ...
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What’s the particularity of —> LENTU ?

Lentu (la Corse autrement, la Corse ..)Comfortably situated beside a mountain and dominating the Golo Valley, also south of St Florent (if you’re in that area) – this charming village can be characterised by traditional stone houses and rooftops, and of course beautiful surroundings. For those interested in architecture, there’s a parish church worth visiting: Sainte Marie Madeleine, which possesses a very attractive door and bell tower – and paintings that could interest you too. We’re very near chestnut country so, lots of walks to discover. Lentu belongs to the district of Alto-di-Casaconi...

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